Day 11 – Favourite blogs

Originally when I started blogging I blogged on this other site that I created for long distances relationship blog to start being part of their community to then giving tips and tricks to the readers but there are others outside of the long-distance relationship.

Zero’s Blog – I love her blog, its beauty mixed with punk she had just recently followed her favourite band Green Day which I did enjoy reading. She’s actually from Scotland which is so much cooler.

Blog | Instagram account

The Bummy LDR Couple – they hardly update their blog anymore (so maybe this might kick them up a bum a little to do so!) though I follow their Instagram account which I think Michi updates it more than Cruz but otherwise their sweet little cinnamon buns that are just too cute to eat!

Blog | Instagram account

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust – Now when I say this woman rocks, this woman rocks. She’s a model and a plus size model that started to give me confidence about my body even though its declining a little since starting on my weight loss but she’s always giving me a confidence with working out as well. So, I really needing to thank her for it.

Blog | Instagram account

Sprinkle of Glitter – one of the first blogs a I have read was from this lovely lady and got me intrigued about blogging about fashion, beauty and lifestyle then I found her really easy to read and watch when it came to her YouTube channel.

Blog | Instagram account

Becca Roae/Grace F Victory – I put these together because I could not decide on who do I love most between these two. Their fashion is very contrasting from each other Becca is very dainty floral patterns whereas Grace is very bold patterns when they were clothes.

Becca’s : Blog | Instagram account

Grace’s: Blog | Instagram account

I have however, found myself reading another blog who is Mia from Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring – Life. She recently commented on my previous blog posts though I have been enjoying her content.


Day 10 – Favourite Memory

I have a lot of favourite memories but in all honesty, there is more bad than good but even the good is heavy on the scale. There are some memories that have been linked to music but this memory is linked to a small little sparrow.

My great granddad tom has always been an outdoorsy person he loved the garden, he cherished his nature walks and he adored woodland creatures. He always wanted to be out and about especially with his grandchildren. Both of my grandparents loved being out and about in their garden which I think where I got it from.

This time we were gardening behind his chapel (yes, we had a chapel) because the grass was overgrown and need to be tended to. We had found a little sparrow nest with a sparrow inside with a broken wing, so my granddad being my granddad he held the little sparrow and gave it to me.

Though I think this image that you see here, and these are my favourite images of all times.

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Day 9 – My Pet Peeves

I don’t like to think of myself as a person with a load of pet peeves but there is one or two which really does my heading, and I cannot stand it to a point where I just get mad needing to get out to have a breath or until they stop doing that thing.

Arrogance and prejudice, combined these ones together because they come under the same umbrella. I don’t agree with people who stereotype a person without knowing that individual and arrogance when a person is more important than another. I get so heated up about it where I must go out of the room to breathe.

Then its eating with your mouth open, I dislike it, I don’t like the noise and I don’t like the mannerism of it either, it’s like nope. Please don’t do it near me. I don’t remember a time where it picked up but I understand if you have a blocked nose and cannot breathe to then needing to use your mouth but even then I sit far away in hoping I won’t hear them.

So I urge you not to do them around me or else I will loose my rag.

Day 8 – Piercings and Tattoos

I’m quite plain jane when it comes to this, I have both of my ears pierced but in the tattoo, I have virgin skin.

I love tattoos, I love the artistry behind it but what I don’t like about it is the thought of the pain especially what I want to say next.

As you all know I am hoping to lose a staggering amount of weight which scares me because I would be losing 2 average weight women and I’ll be totally out of my comfort zone but what I see happening in the tattoo world especially in LA/NYC Ink, tattoo fixers and tattoo girls some people claim their identity back with getting an artwork on their body. That is what I’m wanting to do.

The idea is to have a mermaid scales on my foot or on my high thigh, and I do love mermaids anyway or a combination of all my favourite Disney princess symbols like the sun from Rapunzel or Aurora’s crown for example but I want it in one piece.

My boyfriend and I decided to do it together next year because he wants to get a tattoo after his weight loss as well, and his wanting to get a sleeve which to me thinking of him having a sleeve is really yummy to think of, which I never thought I’ll say.

If you want him to start a blog (again) talking about his side of things with weight loss, comment below because even I would be interested to read it.

Day 7 – 10 favourite foods.

I love food, that’s all I have to say. I cant describe it so I’ll just do a list view

  1. My boyfriend’s spaghetti Bolognese
  2. Chocolate cookie dough and Kelly’s Ice cream
  3. Mothers scouse and dumplings (Liverpudlian stew)
  4. Chicken risotto
  5. Homemade vegetable soup with tiger bread
  6. Mixed fruit and chocolate moose
  7. Granola, yoghurt and either berries or bananas
  8. Lasagne, salad, salad cream and chips
  9. Cheese burger, chips and salad.
  10. Jacket potato, cheese, coleslaw and salad

I am very easy when It comes too food as long as it is not fish, and tomatoes. We are so good.

Though now I am hungry again…

Day 6 – 3 traits that I am proud of

I am  definition of a Hufflepuff but I won’t say the obvious with loyal, unafraid of hard work and kindness or otherwise this will be a very easy blog post to write so let’s think of 3 others.

  1. Reliable – last thing I hate, and it is a pet peeve of mine if people are not reliable. I am always five minutes early or sometimes even an hour early to events and meetings I know it’s a bit excessive but reliability is also respect in my eyes as well. If I can’t be at a certain event or late to somewhere, immediately text/call them to apologise and if I am late I will tell them straight to the point and no beating round the bush. If I can’t make the event or meeting I will message them straight away to re-arrange. When it comes to e-mails, voicemail and texts I’ll reply to everything pretty much straight away.
  2. Pro-active – even though I used to be not pro-active on this blog but I am pro-active outside of this blog which comes into play with reliability. I dislike being bored and I enjoy being myself more when I am busy.
  3. Energetic – even though I can be lazy I am quite energetic which can be a bad trait when it comes to night times, when I am excited. I am very energetic and that’s not hard to do either.

Thank you for reading, and I shall see you tomorrow.

Day 5 – My guilty pleasure(s)

I have a tonne of guilty pleasures though however I am keeping it down to 3 guilty pleasures that i have a kick out of but here we go.

  1. Pimple popping – come on don’t say you don’t enjoy squeeze black heads or white heads, I love to squeeze them out or to watch them. It’s the same with tweezers and tweezing my eyebrows.
  2. Chocolate chip cookies and Kelly’s vanilla ice cream – this is the best desert that I can have it tops chocolate fudge cake and cream, or just ice cream on its on. It cannot be any type ice cream though it must be Kelly’s vanilla ice cream. God, it is so good.
  3. YouTube videos – but more decluttering videos or TFD (the financial diet) because I just find it relaxing with watching decluttering videos and getting more finically aware because I am saving up for a house and trying to get good credit. I do watch a lot of political videos as well because for some reason it does not make sense that thatcher 2.0 is running the country.

Won’t get to much into politics but I will do one day but for now I am going to stop it there. What is your guilty pleasures?

Day 3 – behind the brand name

I created Plus You after reading and following not only Sprinkle of Glitter but also Fuller Figure Fuller Bust  and these two women really do inspire me.

I want to create a community that are body positive, food positive and now losing weight for leavers dance (prom) and graduation in 2018 to then having a health scare I want to progress on how well I am doing weight wise but that segment for this blog will be in September onwards till November 2018.

But it is not just about body positivity but kindness towards ourselves and others, and loving each other as well.

Though that is my reasoning really, and I know this is a short post but I hope you enjoyed the read.

Day 2 – 10 Facts About Me

So this is where I tell you 10 facts about me without being patronizing which is going to be difficult through text format. Though we shall try and not sound patronizing.

  1. I love colours – bright colours that are loud, toned down colours that mellow, pastel colours that are cutesy and fun. Black and whites, and everything in between. Guess I am in the right career path if I love colours, right?
  2. Trying to save – I am trying to save for a house at this very moment in time but when you haven’t got a job it is kind of difficult but it shall be done, and I shall reach to my financial goal with help from the YouTube channel and website called the financial diet even though it’s an American. Anyone know of a British version of these fantastic people?
  3. More winter than summer – I am very much a summer person, I love the cold rather than the stuffiness of the summer.
  4. I can’t feel temperature – that well. Honestly, I cannot feel hotter temperature though I can tell when I am hot because I am sweaty and very stuffy.
  5. Decluttering is mediation for me – I love decluttering, I wouldn’t say that I am a minimalist. I love the thought of giving something that I used to love to someone who can love it even more. Especially when I could be moving up north after this academic year, and ideally I want to move with not that big amount of stuff.
  6. One day, Disney world holiday –  I honestly think my life would be complete if I went to Disney world in Orlando to meet all the princess, the characters and get a hug from all my favourite Disney characters even though I know that they’re people in costumes but that I don’t care about that face.
  7. I bullet journal – I don’t know what I was doing with my life before bullet journaling if you would like a separate blog post I would happily do it.
  8. Trying to be a morning person rather than a night person – I’m really bad, I don’t like falling asleep but yet I like to be asleep on the morning. I want to train my mind/body to become a morning person this summer.
  9. Student ambassador and Vice president – I am a student ambassador for my university and a vice president for the arts society which is really cool.
  10. In a LDR – my partner is up in Scotland and I am down in wales, and I think the last point would be about him because even though he doesn’t know it already. I really do love him, and I know he really loves me. We support each other through text and calls. We meet once a month, which I don’t think our relationship would survive if I didn’t do the once a month thing because I am that person who likes to cuddle, kiss etc. but he is one of my favourite people.