Day 19, 22,23 & 24 – Hetic couple of days

Knew I would screw up sooner or later. Though things have been busy between myself but not only myself but my partner S. its difficult to understand that a couple would not have been on holiday before but for an ldr couple it always seem like a holiday for me.

Though for the first time since being together, we are actually going on holiday though I cant tell you where because I have promised his mother not to put anything up online photo wise but I think shes meaning the actual house and not the beaches though just in case I wont show anything because I would actually hate being in trouble. S Mum has kindly given us the keys for her home up in one of the isle of Scotland where the beaches are meant to be utterly stunning.

So we are just prepping now to go away, and I have already done… not so much him.

So that’s where I will be for the next couple of days I suppose. So everything after today will be scheduled thank you for your patience and I’ll see you all in September.


Day 17 – The 5p’s

I want to teach you what my step mum has taught me, and I have taken this advice to heart. The term of the 5p’s came from Jack the Lad which is 6p’s and contain swearwords but I like the 5ps because there’s no swearwords involved. I don’t particularly like swearing but I have a potty mouth like a sailor.

The 5ps are: Perfect, Planning, Prevents, Poor, Performance.

Which I am taking to heart to learning to plan when it comes to blogging, meals and most importantly university work.

With doing my university work for the summer I don’t want to go back in the autumn already behind and feeling behind. Whereas taking that advice to heart I am already of halfway through my dissertation, created my brief and already started some of my briefs.

Also started work experience so when I leave university I have work experience ready for either going in a company or a cooperation as either a graphic designer or in marketing (subcategory  time, in either branding, advertising or communication).

So I give the values of the 5ps onto you

Day 8 – Piercings and Tattoos

I’m quite plain jane when it comes to this, I have both of my ears pierced but in the tattoo, I have virgin skin.

I love tattoos, I love the artistry behind it but what I don’t like about it is the thought of the pain especially what I want to say next.

As you all know I am hoping to lose a staggering amount of weight which scares me because I would be losing 2 average weight women and I’ll be totally out of my comfort zone but what I see happening in the tattoo world especially in LA/NYC Ink, tattoo fixers and tattoo girls some people claim their identity back with getting an artwork on their body. That is what I’m wanting to do.

The idea is to have a mermaid scales on my foot or on my high thigh, and I do love mermaids anyway or a combination of all my favourite Disney princess symbols like the sun from Rapunzel or Aurora’s crown for example but I want it in one piece.

My boyfriend and I decided to do it together next year because he wants to get a tattoo after his weight loss as well, and his wanting to get a sleeve which to me thinking of him having a sleeve is really yummy to think of, which I never thought I’ll say.

If you want him to start a blog (again) talking about his side of things with weight loss, comment below because even I would be interested to read it.

Day 5 – My guilty pleasure(s)

I have a tonne of guilty pleasures though however I am keeping it down to 3 guilty pleasures that i have a kick out of but here we go.

  1. Pimple popping – come on don’t say you don’t enjoy squeeze black heads or white heads, I love to squeeze them out or to watch them. It’s the same with tweezers and tweezing my eyebrows.
  2. Chocolate chip cookies and Kelly’s vanilla ice cream – this is the best desert that I can have it tops chocolate fudge cake and cream, or just ice cream on its on. It cannot be any type ice cream though it must be Kelly’s vanilla ice cream. God, it is so good.
  3. YouTube videos – but more decluttering videos or TFD (the financial diet) because I just find it relaxing with watching decluttering videos and getting more finically aware because I am saving up for a house and trying to get good credit. I do watch a lot of political videos as well because for some reason it does not make sense that thatcher 2.0 is running the country.

Won’t get to much into politics but I will do one day but for now I am going to stop it there. What is your guilty pleasures?

The day I got A 2:2

Now, I have finished the second year of university meaning I am a year away from finishing education forever (well not saying forever since I want to do my GCSEs to one day do a PGCE in either in primary or secondary education but we shall see) it’s exciting to think about I will be finished this time next year. This time next year I would have finished university altogether including presenting myself and my work in the final degree show and New Designers hopefully. Waiting for the formality of my graduation which should fall on around my boyfriend’s birthday, and I hope he will come down, he’s needing to come down or else I will kick his butt. Big time.

When I received my results for this year, I was a bit disappointed whole on myself because I didn’t get the dyslexia thing sorted it with my learning difficulties. Not only that I felt a certain tutor didn’t come across what he wanted, and kept changing little bits of each projects. I really felt let down with him as well, it was also his subjects let me down which shows with the scoring compared to the other tutor.

We live and we learn, and I guess now it’s time to buckle down to try and get a higher mark so I can get either a low 2:1 or a high 2:1 if I can use the system with the dyslexia support and other support surrounding me.

Alexandra Layla


Hey beautiful creature,

Guess it’s that time of year that everything is needing to go out so new stuff can come in. basically, I want a whole new life of being organised and to do that I am being ruthless. Ruthless by getting clothes that I no longer wear or can no longer fit in to go in the eBay pile to sell then make up I don’t wear because of charity shops/homeless shelters that accept make-up because of hygienic reasons which is fair enough.

My mother is the most ruthless woman when it comes to sorting and organising stuff. Today she helped me to get rid of clothes not only I don’t fit in especially clothes where I used to be a size 30-32 UK and then clothes I haven’t worn in 6 months and we just been ruthless. Most of my old clothes are on eBay now waiting for bidders to bid so I have money for the next thing I am going to talk about. (The next paragraph!)

With the money I have earned/saved, I will be getting she shed. Basically my own studio so we can take out the stuff I have in studio area into a shed that’s my own space and office type of thing, which will be amazing and I will show you the plans on that on this blog and my Inguiem Puella blog. If you didn’t know I also write an art blog which is crucial for my university career so they know what I am up too over the summer (which I still need to update, oops) otherwise that’s it.

Currently, I am still updating my eBay to sell stuff, and yeah.

Loads of love,


Ladies That Inspire Me (Part 3)

Hey guys and dolls,

This is the third and final segment of the Ladies That Inspire Me and this is going to be a tricky one because these women I don’t know personally, however, they are famous so for speaking. Some of these are from the internet. Let’s get to it.

Plus Size Women

Learning to be Fearless (YouTube Channel, Instagram):

Alexandra (not me, oh dear) is a plus size model and mac makeup artist. When I watch her videos and other YouTubers with the same principal as Alexandra I always feel I should be proud of my body no matter what but also to be the very best I can be.

Sprinkle of Glitter (YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook Page and Blog)

Sprinkle of Glitter is a very busy woman not only doing YouTube, her own clothing line plus being a mother can show women you can be busy, be a business woman and also being a mother as well which a modern woman wants to be and Sprinkle of Glitter opened a whole new world for me when it comes to plus size women too.

Fuller Figure Fuller bust (Instagram, Blog)

This woman taught me how to model as a plus size woman, and inspired me to do modelling really even if it was a tryout thing which I do want to do it again because I really did enjoy it to be honest with you.

Loeylane (YouTube, Instagram, Clothing Line)

Seeing a theme here? All these women are plus sized but same with all the YouTube and modelling, Loeylane has her own clothing line same with sprinkle of glitter. She has a bright and lovely personality just like a Disney princess.


Sarah Addison Allen

Sarah Addison Allen is an author that I read back in my teens, my first book being The Sugar Queen and I have always related by her characters more particularly Josey Carrini wanting a stash of sweets and paperback romances in her closet. Then Chloe too wanting a library and her own space but creating sandwiches for everyone.

Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments serious author and she was the main inspiration for something that I am creating at the moment. However she is a big inspiration for writing however personally I don’t like her very much but despite that her words that is written across the page inspire me greatly.

J.K Rowling

If I didn’t put her in this place I wouldn’t do myself any favours, she is an activist for charities and lost her billionaire title for donating to charities that she felt the most passionate about. She is also a founder of Lumos, a charity working to transform lives of disadvantage children.  She has numerous awards for her writing including the Hans Christian Andersen Literature award.

Fictional Characters

Hermione Granger

As a child I adored Hermione Granger and as I grew up with dyslexia I knew that I wasn’t going to be academic minded as she was but I know as I put as much thought and ideas I know I can be as brilliant as she is.

Usagi Tuskino

When Usaggi Fights evil as sailor moon in the beginning of the story, she is portrayed as a reluctant hero who is unwilling to fight and flees from her enemies and often had to be bailed out by Tuxedo mask but as the series and manga developed she turns into a mature, confident and reliable lady but she does has her cry baby moments.

Clary Fairchild

Clary is incredibly stubborn and sarcastic. However she is also a very caring and compassionate person. For her friends and family she will go to extreme lengths often putting herself in danger which isn’t advisable. Like I do she keeps a note pad and often draws her emotions through pictures her version of a dairy. Instead of words its pictures. Just like an artist.

I guess that’s it for this segment but on my art blog ingenium Puella on women in the art world that inspires me the most when it comes to my work so please follow me on there.

See you soon over the moon!



Ladies That Inspire Me (Part 2)

Hey guys and dolls,

Honestly, I totally have forgotten that it was international women’s day this week, and as a woman, I need to think of the women that inspire me as friends but honestly these women who I will be talking about is the women that will push me to be my best of what I could be.


Jade is one of those girls that you wish you could have as a big sister. She’s done everything that you might think of doing but she’ll be the one to put you back on track. Jade knows me thoroughly, she knows when I have a panic attack, she knows when I have had a rough day and she knows almost everything. I will pick her up, and she’ll pick up me. She is like my big sister.

Mammy H:

If you haven’t read theLDRcouple (please do) she is my boyfriend’s mother. I don’t want to compare her to my nana Joan but Mammy H is the most caring woman that you’ll ever meet. She will put her children in front of her own needs and she really does need recognition for that, even though that’s what mothers do but part form Nana Joan and my own Mammy, I don’t really see how much of mother gives up so much for her children. She needs more love, well I think she does. Think S got his best cuddling techniques from.


Moo is my boyfriend sister and currently down in south London studying and preparing herself to be a musical actress for the west end or any other musicals (psst, if you’re an agent reading this, seriously consider this girl) but what amazes me more is that she gave up holidays to go up to Scotland and to see her family for her to work hard to achieve her dream.


She’s a class mate in my degree and my goodness. When I was struggling to carry on this previous month and bits of this month too. She proved to me that I can do it, she gives me pep talks to help me carry on going. She doesn’t want to see people quit, and she speaks her mind and very outspoken. Aimee is also a Mormon and god does shine through her, and its clearly to see that.


I remember meeting Sykes on my very first day of secondary school, now I have been to two previous schools because I kept moving about. So I met Sykes in the third and last high school. I was a quiet and shy, still am to a certain extent. However she took me out of my shell and we pulled each other through hardship, cried, and laughed. I love her, and she is 21 next week on the 16th of March 2016. So happy early birthday sweetheart.


Believe it or not, she is older than me,  by a couple of years but she does think she’s 18. Vicki is the life and soul of the party, and it’s hard to imagine her being upset and down. Like Jade she is a big sister of a group and she will never let you down. If you make a promise she will keep it. Other than that, I had my first shot with  her and spat it back out at her, oops.

That concludes the 2nd segment of inspiring women to me, stick around for the third and final segment.

See you soon, over the moon!



Women That Inspire Me (Part 1)

I have to separate this in three different blog posts and I will do this every other day so I won’t bomb-barred you and not fill up all your feed.

As most of you know it was mother’s day in the UK on the 1st Sunday of each march, and I won’t be using the service of a florist again. However the Kids and I will be celebrating mother’s day next weekend because we just been too busy this weekend to even celebrate which I was a stressball about.

But I want to express on the women who inspire me the most but because theres so many women I have to spilt them to three. First being Relation, second being friends who are a sisterly and motherly figures to me and then third people who are ‘famous’ so to speak.

So here is the first instalment.

My mammy: My mammy has been through me step by step and other than family and S she is the only person who understands me fully and understands how to keep me calm. She gotten a degree by going through tragedy with no help suffering from homelessness, death, daughter being in hospital and lastly dealing with children under the age of 8 when my father left.

My step-mum: Even though she is my step mum I can speak to her with her not being judgemental and she helped me with my weight. She is my listening ear when I need to vent and vice versa. She is a little older than I am (she’s 40+3 but a mental age of 21, so she’s 21 okay?) she has a load more life experience than I do which I follow.

Nanny Bitch: No seriously, there is a funny story why I call her that and that will be a story time blog. Nanny Bitch is the most amazing nana but she acts as if she has been your best friend your entire life. Again like my step mum she has so much life experience that you shouldn’t follow. She gives the best advice that you can ever ask for, even when you don’t ask for it. However she is a crazy cat lady, which must be inherited.  She makes me laugh, and she taught me to not be judgemental no matter what.

Nanny Joan: Even though she had passed away, my nanny Joan is a woman that I have always wanted to be. I always wanted to be the most understanding and caring woman as she was. Who aspires people to follow their dreams and enjoys being around people and making people feel as if they are at home. She did have a few secrets but she taught me every woman should have a few secrets. She was the voice on my dad’s side of the family when anything went down Nanny joan would be the first one to know.

Great-Grandma Val: GGV is the person that wanted to have a huge family and taught her children, grandchildren and great-children to be extra creative with very little things. Wither that will be sequins, fabrics and other craft bits and bobs. I remember wanting to make a quilt and she helped me to understand which I am still struggling to do. She taught me to sew, she taught me to knit and she taught me how to make jam tarts.

I do love these ladies very dearly and they made me into the woman I am today. They need to be voiced a lot more. If you have any women in your family that you love and admire please do this sort of thing.

See you soon over the moon with my second instalment and other scheduled blogs.



PhotoShoot With Ian Holmes (Part 1)

Hey everyone,

This is the 1st shoot with Ian Holmes, since I stupidly scheduled his part 2 photos instead of putting it in the draft. Oh dear, oh dear. Round of applause for me, please.

Charles and Ian looked for models within our university group, and I thought two reasons why I should do it. 1.) I needed the confidence, and 2.) I really wanted to try it out.

I really loved how the photos turned out and I cannot wait to work with them again.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the photos!




P.S Tip: Don’t wear a black bra in shoots! haha!

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