Pita Pizza Recipe

Hey you lovely lot!

Right, my boyfriend is a why better chef than I am when it comes to being in the kitchen, and I mean he’s fantastic he used to be a baker in a large supermarket in the United Kingdom. While I, on the other hand, love the idea of being a good person in the kitchen without being over confident with the knives or using the correct size of knife and come out of the kitchen with no cuts or burns. I have to admit I am more confident in my kitchen than his but he showed me this amazing recipe that I want to show you lot, and I did it as a recipe card as an a5 size so you could print it off to put in your recipe book. I put a 5mm bleed so you might have to cut it a bit if your printing this out on an A4 paper.

This recipe is made for 4 people anyway.

Pita Pizza Recipes.jpg

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