Long time, no speak.

Hey beautiful creatures,

So this is very strange writing a blog post again but I am happy to tell you all 24 followers that I, Alexandra will be having a laptop very soon. Hopefully less than a month,  It has been since October since I had a laptop so again it would have been that long since I blogged however I do post on Instagram specified to this blog if you so wish to follow me.

So what do I need to tell you all?

I am in the last periods of months to my second of university, closer to my third year and even closer to the finishing line to even graduating which is a mixture of relief and scariness.  It means I’m even closer to move to Glasgow, Scotland. I’m closer to having my dream job in printing and publishing and I may even leave university with a 2:1 degree. I hope.  I don’t know yet but there could or could not be a trip to Disney World. My boyfriend and I still need to talk about it but it’s still really looking forward to it.  Over the summer  I will be going up to Scotland to have a practise run with my boyfriend on how we live with each other which is strange to think about due to the fact that we are long distance it will be  a blessing that we will be in the same apartment.

Then I am with weight watchers in order to become healthier and drop a few dress sizes as well because with university it’s hard to keep track of weight and you’re eating habits to a point where not only I have ballooned but I have also slacked. I am planning to go to find another gym since I got fat shamed at a popular 24 hour gym. I don’t want to lose weight where I am going to hate myself as I run things jiggle, people giggles  and people can’t keep comments to themselves really.

I guess that is it for now, hopefully you all are having a wonderful day.

Love and Wishes,


Favourite Quotes:

Hey beautiful creatures!

Today I want to share my top five favourite quotes to you, they are either from books, movies, lyrics or even from the bible. So here they are!

So let your heart, sweet heart
Be your compass when you’re lost
And you should follow it wherever it may go

Compass by Lady Antebellum

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban by J.K Rowling

“May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.”

Genesis 39:41 (NIV)

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear; The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

“She was a girl with a mountain to climb.”

The Bok Thief by Markus Zusak

Hope you enjoyed this, its something different.

Loads of love,



2017 Resolutions

Hello you beautiful creatures,

2016 is over and a new year of 2017 has whooshed in with a bright and new year. I have a feeling that this year is going to be magical in some way, I don’t know what way but I have a sense with optimism that this year will be good.

I will be given you my 2017 resolutions, goals and what I want happening to me in 2017.


  • Be healthier – I will admit that I have been not in full form after the birth control incident and I have gained a lot of weight from it.
  • BE more confident – self-explanatory that really.
  • To be driving in march 2017.
  • To only impress myself.
  • To do a reading challenge on this blog.
  • Get better at cooking.
  • Be more consistent on Plus You.


  • To be able to drive up to Scotland for the first time ever.
  • To be doing daily blogging challenges depending on the month.
  • At least 2 posts per week.

What do I want happening to me?

It’s easier for me to say that I want to lose weight, I want to be more confident and so on but I want this year to be a good challenging vibe to me. I want to get the best grade that I could get in university. To have a good relationship with my family and my boyfriend’s family, to get to know them. To be able to cook different recipes without panicking or without anyone putting me down joking about food poisoning.

And I guess that’s It to say, however I will do monthly goals as I have done on and off throughout 2016 but I want to be more consistent with it.

Loads of love,



Dear Winter – Remembering Loved ones

Dear Winter,

It’s a time of year where you remember loved ones that are around but also the people who are not around that would be either dead or alive. 

This year it’ll be the first year that I’m away from family this Christmas and spending it with my boyfriends loved ones. Who I love dearly but I’m still feeling rather homesick. We have a tradition that my mum carried forward with my nana Julie giving her children pyjamas for Christmas Eve for the pictures the next morning. 

When I was younger my granddad george told a story of my nana Joan when they first got married. How they couldn’t afford even a normal sized Christmas tree but granddad george brought home a tree and my nana Joan made that tree looking beautiful with all the love she had. Over the years the had this beautiful snow village that I used to play with on the fireplace (it was never lit, the fireplace). 

In 2010 my friend passed without a warning, taut Christmas was hard because a couple of days after my nana Joan had cancer which I found out over Facebook of all places because my granddad didn’t know how to private message. Though I remembered the Christmas spirt and persevered.

Remembering loved ones mean they don’t have to be in the other room / sleeping / dead it maybe that person can’t make it to Christmas but, but, you’ll still remember them. You’ll call them to make sure they’re alright this Christmas. To hear their voice on Christmas, and to smile once you hear them. 

The holidays are about remembering for me. I’ll remember family, and call them who are still around today. Remember those who aren’t but still have a special place in your heart. 

So; have a wonderful Christmas this year or hannakah or what ever holiday you celebrate this year. 

Loads of love, 



Pills and sticks. 

This is a very personal post, and putting myself quite vaurenable position here but on with this show! Still on my phone too, so sorry about the grammar. 

Hey beautiful creatures, 

I have been on birth control for 6 years. So a very long time, the main and big reason why I went on the pill was because my periods were to heavy and it was irregular the pill somehow stopped that thank goodness. 

In April 2014 I decided to go through with the implant, I had an ex that I didn’t trust and when we eventually started having sex in July I wanted to make sure I was in controll. Plus the pill I was always a bit iffy about because some of my friends had gotten pregnant with it and I never heard anyone getting up the duff with the implant. So July came and I did make him wear a condom too, V card is out the window. 

Since I had the implant I have never felt sick, I have always gained weight. Plus I haven’t had a proper period (to what I know it as) since November 2011. 

Now, 2016 in late November I started to show signs that the implant effect was not effective. It started with cramps, and I had them before, but it felt like someone having two heavy boxes on your side. I was bleeding, and it wasn’t a nice bleeding either.  Had to make sure that there was no obvious stains in that region and I still have acne all around my face. I have gone off chocolate for awhile too. Then I was throwing up. So what the heck is going on? 

When I went to the local sex clinic, I told my nurse this as well. Told her the symptoms, got asked to do a pregnancy test for the just in case moments and a swab to see any STI’s doing they’re thing. All came out negative. Then she gave me the pill. Again. Just to top up the effect of the implant. However she told me that she doesn’t think it’ll help much truthfully but I am taking the pill. 

 It’s clear to see after taking pill with the implant I have gained so much amount of weight, acne is still visible on my face and getting more each day, and my hair gets so greasy after a day. Plus the pill gives me nightmares, I can’t sleep. With no sleep I have no energy. My boobs hurt all the time (especially the right one). 

I don’t really want to be on any birth control in the new year other than condoms for awhile at least. 

Think that’s me done moaning for now. 

See you soon over the moon, 




I failed again with posting, bloody laptop dying on me all the bloody time. So I am on my phone, this has no spell checks or grammar checks. 

You truly see the dyslexic side of me in this post. Yippee? 

Anyway, I have just watched a campaign add. Since 2016 has been rubbish year as it is, couldn’t be bad as the brexit campaign, surely? Right? 

Just say non
Though this is about family planning and contraception, again a topic that I’m involved in since my birth control is almost up (will do a review on that later). This was about the emergency contraception, and I will put a UK view on this because that’s where I’m from.

In the add (and I have taken the E.C once upon a time ago since I had a lovely ex who happened to slip the condom off without telling me…) the E.C cost the range of £30-45 at the local chemist! Outrageous! When I took it it cost me £40 at London Euston.  Should have made him pay. 

However I am seeing the other side of the arguement of “you should have been on the pill, implant or add any other method here” yes, but doesn’t mean that your protected 100%. Especially with the pill, if it works for you fab! But the way I see it, it’s unreliable so it depends on the persons point of view. I don’t mean take the E.C everytime you have sex, but find it out what works for you. Who are you to judge? 

“The NHS is giving so much for free anyway! WE need to focus on mental health instead of sexual health?”

 I do agree, but I am willing to pay more tax for me and other females to have the E.C. However,  our sexual health is important and should always be that. Same with mental health. I mean :- 

when was your last smear?

When was your last counselling session? 

If you haven’t noticed these are really important too? They both have the same urgency don’t they? 

All that I am saying, don’t knock it unless you have tried it since it’s a time sensitive drug, and not always your going to have the chance to book it through the doctors and have it as a prescription but unless you live in Scotland or in Wales even then it comes at the cost. It is quicker to get it at the chemist but the expense. When your unemployed, a young person or a student it’s not always black and white. 

Hope you didn’t mind reading my rant. 

See you soon over the moon (or when the laptop is fixed)


Goodbye pop, hello water.

Hello beautiful creatures,

Let me explain in my November (link here) I explained that I didn’t want to drink pop anymore. Even if it doesn’t include sugar or no calories. Pop or fizzy drink does ruin your teeth and the stuff on the inside. Hence why I am doing this cold turkey after loving Coca-Cola or Pepsi, Fanta and so on. I don’t want pop to be my savings grace when I need that pick me up really.

I know people would reach for the cordial drinks (the syrup fruit juice that needs to be diluted with water) because water is tasteless and some water around the UK can be harsh but the water where I am from is actually mountain spring water and we get it from the rivers on the mountains so it shouldn’t be harsh but soft.

Getting deep in this now, I do know when my body hasn’t had enough water or enough fruit juice especially when I see my boyfriend and I do get really weird about it because of urine problems really I get UTI’s more than I should, and it stinks and my sweat is worse than normal. A little TMI there? Sorry but it needed to be blurted out.

So from now till next month, and maybe the months after I will stick to this and see what benefits there are and see what it’s done to my body.  I’ll let you know how I get on? A little like a science experiment.

See you soon over the moon,

Alexandra Layla,


Book Review: Diet Doodle Diary by Julie Macky

Hello beautiful creatures,

I have a book review today, and this book is a type of book you can interact with like colouring books but I wanted to say this book did really help me but I will explain why more on the next Wednesday blog post.

When I was quite into losing weight before university tracking really helped so I know what I put in my mouth and you feel responsible on what you put into your body really, and it helped because you’re not only tracking but your cautious what you put in your mouth too.

While you’re writing what you put in your mouth and recording your exercise but you have several of activities to do in the book full of inspirational quotes for encouragement really which is some people struggle with the most is not having that emotional and encouragement of doing that weightless journey is what I am struggling with at the moment.

So that is it really, and if you’re going through a weight loss journey please do not hesitate by getting this. If it’s helping me, it’ll help you.

See you soon over the moon,

Alexandra Layla