Goals per month – February 2017

Hey beautiful creatures!
Guess what time for the goals per month and I don’t know what exactly what I want to do for this month but it’s going to be one of those goals where it’s all little goals to make one huge big goal in the end. Do you understand where I’m coming from? Hopefully you do.

  • Loose about 2.5lbs per week

If you had read weight loss Wednesday you’ll know that I’m doing weight watchers to not only be healthy but to gain the extra confidence that I’ve lost which sucks, big time. Though I started in the 2nd week of January and from January to July if I loose 2.5lbs per week by the time July comes along I would loose 4 stone and some number of pounds.

Okay I’m doing it to vanity reasons along with the confidence thing. If you want the whole blog about this let me know and I can whip it up.

  •  Get creative in the kitchen.

I want to be amazing in the kitchen where people don’t have to worry about it I sliced a finger into the stew and dumplings.

That was a joke but touch wood.
Though it comes with confidence in the kitchen with a little guidance and add things into the recipe that will either lead people to the bathroom with food poisoning or wanting to eat more of it.

  • Book a couple of lessons in the car and shift step-dads butt in gear (haha, you get it?)  to fix Cecelia !

I haven’t been on a proper lesson for awhile but before I passed my theory I had no desire to have a car until late November where something in my boyfriends personal life happened and I couldn’t be there in a moments notice. I can’t relay on trains forever (until my late 20s cause of my rail card).

Cecelia is my step dads,mine and my sisters car ( Citroen C4 and an 06 plate) and this girly needs a new turbo. So need to kick my step dads butt to fix her turbo.

  •  De clutter that make up collection!

I have too much make up and they need to go!!

I think that’s it! But I love you all very much!


Goal complete (Finally!) 

Hey beautiful creatures, 
I know, I know! I totally suck at keeping schedules! University is no longer drowning me until the next brief that I get however I’ll try and upload the briefs I have gotten soonish on my art blog. 
With my art blog I don’t know if I should totally scrap it, plan it, design it with the help of my boyfriend and get a domain for it(?) and release it to the world.
What do you think? It’s something to think about for sure. 
Though I’m prepping a load of blogs while I can before I start drowning again! 
However; I completed a goal that started last year! So I’m telling you lot now that I cannot stop bragging about it but I finally, finally passed my theory car exam! So done the hardest part of the two the next is the practical exam and then I’m on the road. Which is kind of scary to think about, right? 
But I’m totally excited! Look out road here I come! 

Beep beep! 

Monthly Goals – November

Hey you beautiful creatures,

Boy oh boy this year is going fast, and I would like to get off this train now. Please?… no? okay. Anyway, as you know I haven’t posted anything in October and I feel bad for it. I am my second year of university now and its starting to get to on that I only have 1 year left until I graduate as a graphic designer without the student but I am preparing loads of future blog posts, and preparing art and video projects too.

So, onto the monthly goals.

  1. To finally get help sorted at university.
    I started to put help in place at university last year when I was a fresher and because of my course was so ever intense for me I couldn’t be finished with it, and you would think I would go to my tutors saying “I need to get help, I cannot do this.” And basically, I didn’t, instead I struggled most of the week. However, I know I need help, I know that I need that extra support to get the mark that I deserve.


  1. Give up Pop.
    Either you’re American, or living somewhere else in the UK its fizzy drinks. I want to get rid of pop/fizzy drinks basically and find something else that it’ll give me a boost if I need it.


  1. Keep to the three-day upload schedule.
    I want to keep to the three-day schedule which is a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which if I am preparing future blog posts I can do it surely. Right?


  1. Don’t take criticism to heart.
    As an artist or anyone, we take criticism to heart and take it very personally when we should be taking that criticism on board and improve ourselves and improve our work.


I think that’s it, and obviously, there will be a goal review at the end of it. Thank you very much for reading!

Loads of love,

Alexandra Layla

Monthly Goals: September 2016

Hey beautiful creatures,

I decided to bring back the monthly goals back again since the last one was in April time, so I am re-starting it once more. I hope you don’t mind at all but fingers cross I will be able to complete them really.

  1. I did say that I was working on a secret; so I may as well burst out with it because keeping it secret did not work because I failed it twice already. I am currently learning to drive and part of learning to drive in the United Kingdom is to do two tests, A Theory test and a practical test. You must do a theory test before you do the practical. I have failed my theory test twice now, and it is doing my heading because I want to be on the road quite quickly because the early nights are coming along with the wind and rain. So my goal is to do my theory test ASAP, the closet booking date and then possibly doing a very intense driving course which is very expensive but I’m thinking it will be worth it.

    Goal: Theory test pass.

  2. I might be completely nuts but I am thinking of doing a British Heart Foundation 26 mile marathon thing which thinking of it will be a piece of cake and actually doing it I would actually want a piece of cake instead of running so we’ll see what happens then.

    Goal: British Heart Foundation 26 miles.

  3. I need to de-clutter more and more ideally I would like just my books, clothes, craft supplies and my computer in my room so I’ll be cleaning and carrying on de-cluttering.

    Goal: Declutter and eBay stuff

  4. I have been really slacking when it comes to this blog and the other blog I have been really slacking with it, and I’m sure you all will agree with that one too.

    Goal: Stop slacking more posts

That’s it my lovely, I hope you enjoy my monthly goals and I shall tell you how I got on in October time but with the British Heart foundation I shall tell you weekly how I get on.

Loads of love,



Monthly Goals : May 2016

Hey Guys and Dolls,

May is the calm after the storm I will see it as, I am rubbing my eyes all tired after last month and all I can do is breathe and relax. However even if I had a stressful month and I want to relax this month I can’t put anything on hold really.

So let’s look what I can do for this month goal wise.

  1. Be brave at the scales.

Personally I haven’t weighed or measured myself since I started swimming and the gym, and to be honest I am frightened stiff. To put it lightly I haven’t weighed myself since January and that’s where things got busy and trying to juggle everything. So with my gyms help, and semi-healthy eating I can see the benefits but I can’t see what I have done if that makes sense?  So, this month I want to brave myself at the scales even if I find it frightening.

  1. Carry on swimming and progress to over 62 lengths.

I used to be able to do 60 lengths in the pool before university and I want to be able to do that again. I love swimming, I love being in the water. When I was younger people said I was part fish because I could hold my breath for half a length. I want to be able to do that again. I want to build up to that again. I went swimming today, and I had the pool to myself! It was amazing.

  1. Carry on going to the gym with Alys.

Alys is my new gym buddy and its fun to go with her. She encourages me to better myself and the same with the IPC lot as well.

  1. Post more book reviews.

I have been reading so much and I want to start posting book reviews. I have not only been reading novels, but graphic novels as well, and some graphic novels have a serious attitude towards them especially the one that I have recently read. I have been getting into reading historic books such as Queen Mary of Scots and the murder of Lord Durnely by Alison Weir (seriously someone has to get rid of Reign, its taking over my life!).

  1. Go up to Liverpool and see my beautiful best friend.

This sounds really stupid and shitty, I haven’t seen her since January and I miss her. Where I live we can’t rely on Facetime/Skype due to internet signal. So I am booking tickets to see her at the end of the month borderline June so I have something to look forward too.

  1. The secret goal


  1. Blog more on my Art blog and Plus You.

Since I kind of abandon it due to assessments and briefs. Time to focus on that a little more, don’t you think?

That is it, please do check my friend’s monthly goals (HHLDR) this month! I shall see you soon over the moon!



Monthly goals review: April 2016

Hello guys and dolls,

April has flew by, it went, and it went bye-bye very quickly. Too quickly for my liking even if this month has been very tough and challenging for me. We had challenges in my family this month which made me not complete some of my goals this month due to these challenges.  I had assessments due in, I had briefs, I had family difficulty and not only that my boyfriend has been busy and I felt guilty if I put my worries on him which made me go back into my shell a little more.

Without any more dillydadling lets go with the flow and lets get on with review of my goals this month.

  1. Try go to the gym more.

My god. My god. I have found this gym in the outskirts of my university town, and I go with this girl called Alys (A welsh version of Alice). Found her on the university group  thing on Facebook and we hit it off until two weeks ago because my tutors put a little bit of stress on my shoulders which could have been avoided but we are adding more onto our excerise regime such as swimming this Sunday and going to this gym twice a week or more. For a bigger person I am so proud of myself.

  1. Try fruit smoothies for breakfast.

Alys lets me sip her smoothies but I want to do the smoothies that she does, but, this is going to sound very embarrassing but it needs to be said… I have no idea what Kale looks like. So instead I thought spinach would do, and it did. I had frozen fruit berries, banana and spinach that tasted okay but it isn’t like hers.

  1. Cook more at home.

I had no clue how much my mum would be over the kitchen, when ever I started she pushed me aside and went ‘I’ll do it’ but I managed to make pasta bake, and scouse (traditional Liverpudlian stew, and I am going to make S and his flatmate the dish…. Something is telling me they wouldn’t dare touch it) but I baked so much this month when mum was out which I loved. Baking I love doing.

  1. Do more ‘Open when letters…’

Done… haven’t sent it. If you want to see the full blog post : Here it is!

  1. Go to bed earlier.

I hated the clocks going forward a couple of days but once I got into it, I loved it. I love the early mornings (even though I love sleeping in) and lighter evenings. It got me into a schedule to sleep earlier.

  1. This one is a secret.

This was a big fat fail due to family circumstances so it has to be moved forward to next month. GREAT!

Go to the HHLDR to see what their monthly goals are. They updated theirs. Now I need to update mine!

See you soon, over the moon!



Monthly Goals: April 2016

Hello guys and dolls,

I cannot believe how fast this year is coming and going, and I am just amazed at it really. Everything is just going so fast. I just need to step back and slow down because everything is just seems to be passing by. Though now it is April, it is time to set goals for this month.

  1. Try go to the gym more.

I have now have a gym buddy and my new gym is behind my university, so this will be an ongoing thing as you can tell.

  1. Try fruit smoothies for breakfast.

Even though I am still on my holiday for Easter and waiting for university to start but when it does start I am usually out the house by 06:30 in the morning so when I wake up at 6am if I wanted more sleep I don’t have time for breakfast and I get very, very cranky Alexandra by 9am. So I need to try fruit smoothies.

  1. Cook more at home.

My mother usually cooks at home since I don’t get home till after 7pm at night. I love to cook. I want to cook but I know the people in the household doesn’t want to wait till I am home, too cook and have their dinner by 9pm at night. So I want to cook when I can.

  1. Do more ‘Open when letters…’

Before I started university I gave S a load of Open When Letters and I want to do more of them for him because I don’t know if I will get a transfer or if I have to stay down south till I finish university down here.

  1. Go to bed earlier.

The clocks moved one hour forward and I am finding myself even more tired. I need to change this body clock of mine.

  1. This one is a secret.

… And this one might or might not be completed. I hope so anyway.

Go to the HHLDR to see what their monthly goals are.

See you soon, over the moon!


Review on – March 2016 Goals.

A Look back: March Goals.

Hello guys and dolls,

Last month I set up some goals to be completed and I did do well but I didn’t do at the same time if you understand where I am coming from.

  1. Go to the gym for the first time ever. – and surprisingly I did do for like the first two weeks until University stress grabbed hold of me once more and I couldn’t go since I needed to work on artwork for assessment and finish work for the deadline. –Pass!
  2. Drink more water – My bladder is thanking me for this one and my wee, it’s not a horrible colour anymore and it doesn’t smell. A little too much information but it is so beneficial, you are recommended to drink 8 pints of water per day and I just couldn’t do that because it looked too much until I got a water bottle to help me to make that 8 pints to see smaller of a task than it actually is. – Pass!
  3. Dechox March – I was doing so well then Easter happened and S and I decided to create a chocolate egg nest cake and … I had to have a slice. – BIG FAT FAIL.
  4. Enjoy S and I first anniversary – In which I did do see the post here. – PASS
  5. Find a summer job in Glasgow for the summer – Not yet found one but I am sure there is one. – Not a pass or a fail.
  6. Go to bed earlier! – This I am going to give myself a fail for because of essay hand ins and assessment work really, however I will get better at this since it’s an ongoing thing. –Fail!

That’s it really folks and I am disappointed in myself when it came to the Dechox March for the BHF  because I was so hoping that I could do it again for the second year, but guess it is a no on that. Stick round for tomorrow to see April monthly goals!

See you soon, over the moon!



Goals for March 2016


Hi Loves!

Thanks for my newly found friend the HHLDR (seriously check out there blog) and there segment of monthly goals. Plus having creative future week at my university what encourages to motivate ourselves. I decided to… I guess copy their idea but I hope I do it in a different way as well.

  1. Go to the gym for the first time ever.

I haven’t been to a proper serious gym and used it properly since I was in high school. Going to Curves and swimming gave me the confidence today to actually sign up for a gym membership. The lady was quite nice, and it’s the cheapest gym that I can find in my area. It was more spontaneous like, what’s the harm, and it’s beneficial to me.

  1. Drink more water.

I admit, I hate drinking water. I just don’t like it. I don’t like how there’s no taste but my friends gave me really good tips on how to flavour your water and I cannot wait to try it. If you want a blog post on that, I can.

  1. Dechox March.

In the UK we have a charity called the BHF (the British heart foundation) and I am very active with this charity. I volunteered for a large amount of time where Stuart lives, and I made friends. There is heart diseases in my family on both sides. Though this will be a tough month since its an Easter month, and I have to persuade my mum to either a.) Store the Easter eggs somewhere until I do my dechox month or b.) Put money into Euros for me. So who knows?

  1. Enjoy mine and Stuarts first Anniversary as a couple.

Says it on the tin really.

  1. Find a summer job in Glasgow for the summer.

Once more says it on the tin really.

  1. Go to bed earlier.

I am a bugger for this and I just like staying up and … night dreaming, I can’t call it day dreaming since it’s at night. Ah, it made sense in my bed.

That’s all I can think of that so far, but however, I will re-visit this at the end of March and see how well I have done. Plus do something I never done before which is post my weight and size on here which I am quite nervous about. Though I know you reading this will support me in whatever, but still it’s quite a big thing for me.

So that’s it!

See you soon over the moon!