12 months

The Countdown to graduation

As a student, you think it will last forever or just don’t think about the end result until your very last year. Well, 2017 is my last year and the last year of my education degree as I know thus far as I don’t know to take a PGCE in the next two years up in Scotland to train as a teacher.

Though this is my last year and it is scary to think about. Though it is, on the other hand, exciting since my adult life is just about to begin and if you know me you’ll know that I like to be organised, too organised at times but hopefully maybe my organisation skills will be using these first steps of going through the last process of being a student.

So this will be a monthly thing because I actually do not know what day I graduate but I know it is 12 months from now because this year my university graduation is in early November time.

Welcome to countdown to graduation. Let’s hope some progress will be done for November.

Loads of Love,