Day 13 – 5 years back

5 years ago, I would have been 18.

That’s scary to think that I would have quit my florist job at this point as a junior florist and in college again to study art and design for higher education to go into university the following year.

I had a dream to study illustration and graphic design because in truth they collide with each other well. Also since most illustrators go into graphic design anyway.  I wanted to study at Liverpool John Moores, Hertfordshire University and UCLAN.

Now thinking of these universities I don’t think I would be happy at these universities since they’re all too noisy and too busy though more on that soon enough but Hertfordshire would have been for my ex which is very weird to think of being there now that we have spilt and gone our separate ways hence I think that was why I was scared of remain up in Glasgow with my current partner for a little over 2 years now just if we break up.

Plus the hunger games catching fire came about which is one of my favourite book series. Then I would have gotten my provisional driving which is soon to be pink by the end this year I hope since I did my theory at the beginning of the year.


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