Day 11 – Favourite blogs

Originally when I started blogging I blogged on this other site that I created for long distances relationship blog to start being part of their community to then giving tips and tricks to the readers but there are others outside of the long-distance relationship.

Zero’s Blog – I love her blog, its beauty mixed with punk she had just recently followed her favourite band Green Day which I did enjoy reading. She’s actually from Scotland which is so much cooler.

Blog | Instagram account

The Bummy LDR Couple – they hardly update their blog anymore (so maybe this might kick them up a bum a little to do so!) though I follow their Instagram account which I think Michi updates it more than Cruz but otherwise their sweet little cinnamon buns that are just too cute to eat!

Blog | Instagram account

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust – Now when I say this woman rocks, this woman rocks. She’s a model and a plus size model that started to give me confidence about my body even though its declining a little since starting on my weight loss but she’s always giving me a confidence with working out as well. So, I really needing to thank her for it.

Blog | Instagram account

Sprinkle of Glitter – one of the first blogs a I have read was from this lovely lady and got me intrigued about blogging about fashion, beauty and lifestyle then I found her really easy to read and watch when it came to her YouTube channel.

Blog | Instagram account

Becca Roae/Grace F Victory – I put these together because I could not decide on who do I love most between these two. Their fashion is very contrasting from each other Becca is very dainty floral patterns whereas Grace is very bold patterns when they were clothes.

Becca’s : Blog | Instagram account

Grace’s: Blog | Instagram account

I have however, found myself reading another blog who is Mia from Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring – Life. She recently commented on my previous blog posts though I have been enjoying her content.


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