Day 10 – Favourite Memory

I have a lot of favourite memories but in all honesty, there is more bad than good but even the good is heavy on the scale. There are some memories that have been linked to music but this memory is linked to a small little sparrow.

My great granddad tom has always been an outdoorsy person he loved the garden, he cherished his nature walks and he adored woodland creatures. He always wanted to be out and about especially with his grandchildren. Both of my grandparents loved being out and about in their garden which I think where I got it from.

This time we were gardening behind his chapel (yes, we had a chapel) because the grass was overgrown and need to be tended to. We had found a little sparrow nest with a sparrow inside with a broken wing, so my granddad being my granddad he held the little sparrow and gave it to me.

Though I think this image that you see here, and these are my favourite images of all times.

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