Day 9 – My Pet Peeves

I don’t like to think of myself as a person with a load of pet peeves but there is one or two which really does my heading, and I cannot stand it to a point where I just get mad needing to get out to have a breath or until they stop doing that thing.

Arrogance and prejudice, combined these ones together because they come under the same umbrella. I don’t agree with people who stereotype a person without knowing that individual and arrogance when a person is more important than another. I get so heated up about it where I must go out of the room to breathe.

Then its eating with your mouth open, I dislike it, I don’t like the noise and I don’t like the mannerism of it either, it’s like nope. Please don’t do it near me. I don’t remember a time where it picked up but I understand if you have a blocked nose and cannot breathe to then needing to use your mouth but even then I sit far away in hoping I won’t hear them.

So I urge you not to do them around me or else I will loose my rag.


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