Day 8 – Piercings and Tattoos

I’m quite plain jane when it comes to this, I have both of my ears pierced but in the tattoo, I have virgin skin.

I love tattoos, I love the artistry behind it but what I don’t like about it is the thought of the pain especially what I want to say next.

As you all know I am hoping to lose a staggering amount of weight which scares me because I would be losing 2 average weight women and I’ll be totally out of my comfort zone but what I see happening in the tattoo world especially in LA/NYC Ink, tattoo fixers and tattoo girls some people claim their identity back with getting an artwork on their body. That is what I’m wanting to do.

The idea is to have a mermaid scales on my foot or on my high thigh, and I do love mermaids anyway or a combination of all my favourite Disney princess symbols like the sun from Rapunzel or Aurora’s crown for example but I want it in one piece.

My boyfriend and I decided to do it together next year because he wants to get a tattoo after his weight loss as well, and his wanting to get a sleeve which to me thinking of him having a sleeve is really yummy to think of, which I never thought I’ll say.

If you want him to start a blog (again) talking about his side of things with weight loss, comment below because even I would be interested to read it.


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