Day 6 – 3 traits that I am proud of

I am  definition of a Hufflepuff but I won’t say the obvious with loyal, unafraid of hard work and kindness or otherwise this will be a very easy blog post to write so let’s think of 3 others.

  1. Reliable – last thing I hate, and it is a pet peeve of mine if people are not reliable. I am always five minutes early or sometimes even an hour early to events and meetings I know it’s a bit excessive but reliability is also respect in my eyes as well. If I can’t be at a certain event or late to somewhere, immediately text/call them to apologise and if I am late I will tell them straight to the point and no beating round the bush. If I can’t make the event or meeting I will message them straight away to re-arrange. When it comes to e-mails, voicemail and texts I’ll reply to everything pretty much straight away.
  2. Pro-active – even though I used to be not pro-active on this blog but I am pro-active outside of this blog which comes into play with reliability. I dislike being bored and I enjoy being myself more when I am busy.
  3. Energetic – even though I can be lazy I am quite energetic which can be a bad trait when it comes to night times, when I am excited. I am very energetic and that’s not hard to do either.

Thank you for reading, and I shall see you tomorrow.


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