Day 5 – My guilty pleasure(s)

I have a tonne of guilty pleasures though however I am keeping it down to 3 guilty pleasures that i have a kick out of but here we go.

  1. Pimple popping – come on don’t say you don’t enjoy squeeze black heads or white heads, I love to squeeze them out or to watch them. It’s the same with tweezers and tweezing my eyebrows.
  2. Chocolate chip cookies and Kelly’s vanilla ice cream – this is the best desert that I can have it tops chocolate fudge cake and cream, or just ice cream on its on. It cannot be any type ice cream though it must be Kelly’s vanilla ice cream. God, it is so good.
  3. YouTube videos – but more decluttering videos or TFD (the financial diet) because I just find it relaxing with watching decluttering videos and getting more finically aware because I am saving up for a house and trying to get good credit. I do watch a lot of political videos as well because for some reason it does not make sense that thatcher 2.0 is running the country.

Won’t get to much into politics but I will do one day but for now I am going to stop it there. What is your guilty pleasures?


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