Day 2 – 10 Facts About Me

So this is where I tell you 10 facts about me without being patronizing which is going to be difficult through text format. Though we shall try and not sound patronizing.

  1. I love colours – bright colours that are loud, toned down colours that mellow, pastel colours that are cutesy and fun. Black and whites, and everything in between. Guess I am in the right career path if I love colours, right?
  2. Trying to save – I am trying to save for a house at this very moment in time but when you haven’t got a job it is kind of difficult but it shall be done, and I shall reach to my financial goal with help from the YouTube channel and website called the financial diet even though it’s an American. Anyone know of a British version of these fantastic people?
  3. More winter than summer – I am very much a summer person, I love the cold rather than the stuffiness of the summer.
  4. I can’t feel temperature – that well. Honestly, I cannot feel hotter temperature though I can tell when I am hot because I am sweaty and very stuffy.
  5. Decluttering is mediation for me – I love decluttering, I wouldn’t say that I am a minimalist. I love the thought of giving something that I used to love to someone who can love it even more. Especially when I could be moving up north after this academic year, and ideally I want to move with not that big amount of stuff.
  6. One day, Disney world holiday –  I honestly think my life would be complete if I went to Disney world in Orlando to meet all the princess, the characters and get a hug from all my favourite Disney characters even though I know that they’re people in costumes but that I don’t care about that face.
  7. I bullet journal – I don’t know what I was doing with my life before bullet journaling if you would like a separate blog post I would happily do it.
  8. Trying to be a morning person rather than a night person – I’m really bad, I don’t like falling asleep but yet I like to be asleep on the morning. I want to train my mind/body to become a morning person this summer.
  9. Student ambassador and Vice president – I am a student ambassador for my university and a vice president for the arts society which is really cool.
  10. In a LDR – my partner is up in Scotland and I am down in wales, and I think the last point would be about him because even though he doesn’t know it already. I really do love him, and I know he really loves me. We support each other through text and calls. We meet once a month, which I don’t think our relationship would survive if I didn’t do the once a month thing because I am that person who likes to cuddle, kiss etc. but he is one of my favourite people.

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