Day 1 – Introduction

Day 1 – Introduction

I thought I might do a blogging challenege throughout the month of august to re-introduce myself, and the PY (Plus You) brand. Each day will be a different topic about the blog, of myself or both but I hope you enjoy the monthly blogging.

So Hi!

My name is Alexandra Layla and I run Plus You blog here. I am 22 years old and I am a soon to be third year graphic design and multimedia student.

I do not really know what I want to do with my degree as now that I have experience within advertising and marketing, leaning towards digital content creator but originally, I wanted to be a magazine layout designer specially for wedding magazines or do a pgce become a secondary teacher.

I love to go on walks, working out, make up and fashion. Even though I am terrible at fashion and watch YouTube make up looks which always end in a fail. Though we shall always try until almost perfection. I do love to bake and cook but I get quite anxious thinking that I will just destroy the kitchen but there’s always the take away menu on the fridge. And of course blogging but I do have the tendency to go on and off but I am trying to be prepared for the next academic year and possibly more into the future as well so this could be my portfolio.

That’s it for now, I shall see you all very soon!

Alexandra Layla


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