Univeristy Summer List

Transition from a second-year university student into the third-year student is still very overwhelming topic to think about but then again it needs to be thought about especially with the summer time to squeeze every opportunity of free time that you have until your back in academics for the last and final time (or one of the final times, considering doing my GCSE and doing a PGCE) so here is your check list.

  1. Get work experience in your chosen field.

I am currently doing this for my chosen field in graphic design and multimedia, and it is so important to do your experiences now rather than later when you graduate. Do it now whilst you’re in university, your future self with thank your past self.

  1. Start your dissertation now

You do not want to be stressing yourselves out silly buggers when it comes to two weeks before your deadline before its time to hand it in, I know some people who did it four days before hand. That stresses me out. Even if you did the reading for it and creating notes, your stopping your near future self-crying thinking that they should have done it ages ago.

  1. Get a wee job

Even though it’s a given, those student loans must stop at one point and you are in the real world. A job on the side can be your lifeline on savings for when you go to a different city when you get your first job in the industry. Everyone should have savings really, and they can really help even if the job is cleaning job.

  1. Sort out your open brief projects

This doesn’t apply unless your chosen subject requires you too, I know I see this a lot in creative subjects. Its choosing your open brief projects and finding competition briefs. Even though it’s a required for the summer maybe take in consideration what other projects you want to do in that chosen field or what you would like to try. Every little helps.


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