I have fears and its normal to have sometimes it could be a fear that someone else might find funny or it could be a fear that is serious and developed through a traumatic experience or maybe just maybe it could develop out of nothing.

Whilst my family is away in France along with my sibling’s part from one but she is out and about anyway so it’s just me and my little dog. Loneliness is a fear of mine, a big fear. I am always surrounded by people whether it is in the house, going somewhere, at university, at my boyfriend’s house or even on the bus. I am constantly around people, and I like to talk. I talk like every second of the day, seriously, I sleep talk and yes, it is normal. So to put me in a very social setting into a setting that there’s no one is around, I get scared.

The next one is my reaction being in the dark, and you wouldn’t think of it when its winter coming off the bus at 6pm to then walking a mile till I get home its going to be dark. The actual reality is I am walking this mile/hills twice as fast with my phone as a flashlight until I reach the house because of no street lamps. My bedroom is covered in night lights so I am not frightened if I wake up suddenly. When S (boyfriend) turns off the lights in the living room, I rush straight to the bedroom before he turns them off. The dark is a big nope.

Do you have any fears? Share them below in the comments.


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