Countdown to Gradution

Personally, I cannot remember the time when I was a decent size eighteen and I bet it was round the time when I was in high school where I was constantly active until I was in a depressive state when I was with my ex and ate my body weight in chocolate, chicken mayo sandwiches and biscuits. Moved up to Scotland lost two stone and currently with my partner who I met through a leading weight loss programme, and through my step mum as he is the son of her best friend.

Then university started and needless too say university can be stressful. Very stressful and now its coming towards the stressful times of final year in September through I don’t want to eat my stress away because of a ceremony at the end of third and final year which is also known as graduation.

I have been teasing of this segment that I want to do on this blog for ages even though I am not ready to post my weight just yet hence why I will be posting “weight loss Wednesday” the last Wednesday of every month starting from September until October/November 2018 so I’m dropping a countdown in lbs for graduation class for 2018.

Wish me luck you beautiful lot!

Alexandra Layla


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