Long distance and Finance.

Being in a long distance can be blissful, and full of laughter at times however on other sides of things it could be very hard. One of the aspects that is challenging in a long-distance relationship is finance, and finance can be a huge struggle in every day to day relationship anyway.

When you have no money, no job and have a long-distance relationship, and wanting to see each other money is a huge factor.

So how do you battle it?


Try not to think of the worst, be honest with your partner about your financial situation and them doing the same to you. Then if you’re on government support they will help with your CV and cover letter when you go to the job centre, or your career centre in university.


I am lucky enough to go to university with a large sum of money at the beginning of each term, and this is where you prioritise should come into play. Instead of buying that beautiful Grace ship bag that you are drooling over for years (this one, might ask it for Christmas or money towards it at least) I put the money towards train tickets. In 3 months in advance, not only its cheaper by the percentages of what you saved. If you do run out of money, you’re in the state of mind that its done and you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t buy tickets last minute, you pay full price and then your spending more. In my case I would rather spend £125 worth of 3 months of train tickets rather than spending £175 on the day for a return.

Unsure about flights but I am sure the Bummyldrcouple will do a blog about that.

If you’re in the UK as well, time to invest in a railcard.  I have a 16-25 railcard which saves 30% off, and go through top cash back so you get money back.


Next step is applying and apply to jobs that you may not particularly enjoy. At the end of the day it is money, and that money will go to seeing your partner or nicer things that you might want to invest in.

Lastly once you get the job, budget. Loose change in a jar etc.

Budgeting is so important. Work out what your needing that month, loose change in a jar which can go towards your train tickets or something for you and your partner to do.

Do you have any tips on financial view point of being in a long distance relationship. Comment would love to read your thoughts.


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