Period Dramas

I am MAJOR, let me say again MAJOR fan of period dramas. I love the period costumes, the story and the written script. I loved the Tudors again I am a huge history nerd, I love to read history books.

Now, I have watched The White Queen which is based on the cousin’s war (war of the roses) then a recent period drama series from Starz entertainment called the white princess based on Henry Tudor (king henry the 7th) and Queen Elizabeth of York, and that was good but way to quick for my taste. If doing a period drama about the love and loyalty of those two, you need to ease into it, there is a lot to cover. Watched the Tudors with Johnathon Rhys Meyers and meh, that was interesting enough and it covered a lot more than The Other Boleyn Girl based on the Philippa Gregory book.

Then again, the White Queen, The White Princess and The Other Boleyn Girl are all based on the Philippa Gregory books which I do take with the pinch of salt but this is about period dramas and the one I just finished and still wounded by. Reign,

Reign is based on Mary Queen of Scots, about her time in France and the feud against Elizabeth the first but it wasn’t that big of feud as its made out to be but when I finished the series it was a build-up that never happened. I expected more about Mary’s house arrest, and the plot against the Elizabeth at the final moments of her life. Then again, the CW only gave them a limited amount of funds and cancelled the whole thing which is just tragic.

The actress who plays Mary Adelaide Kane was fantastic in the role and represented Mary very well since she herself, meaning Mary was very tall at 6ft tall, long raven hair and very slender but the last scene did my heading a bit.

I do recommend you watching all the series that I have told you about especially Reign which your heads will be in the history books afterwards.


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