5 P’s

Finally, the summer is here it is amazing, until you realize that you live in Wales that is always wet, windy and grey. We even get a sun burn when its grey, oh our welsh delicate skin. It’s the same in Scotland to be fair when I visit my partner but the Scottish get some hints of sunlight the lucky buggers.

Though what does the summer have to offer other than not finding a job hopefully by when this goes up I should have one by then, hopefully but we’ll find out.

The transition from passing second year into the third year I think the space of the summer should be filled with work experience or doing your research for your dissertation and maybe heck getting the start of the 5,000-word count (sorry guys that’s how much I must write). So, when you either finish university or when you go back you don’t have a huge stress of doing all that.

As an art student in Graphic design you must create or find briefs to do for your third year is which what I am currently doing for 3 projects so I can just get feedback and get back to it asap. I do not want to be at all stressed at all this year.

Hmm, what else can you do Alexandra? I know! Do some blog posts for the summer, and get some ready for the autumn. Lets actually hack spreading my time equal amount of time for once in my life.

In the Navy, we have this saying (military brat) if you like swearing its 7 p’s if you don’t it’s 5 either way I am going to do the none swearing side of things. It is :

perfect, planning, prevents, poor, performance.


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