The day I got A 2:2

Now, I have finished the second year of university meaning I am a year away from finishing education forever (well not saying forever since I want to do my GCSEs to one day do a PGCE in either in primary or secondary education but we shall see) it’s exciting to think about I will be finished this time next year. This time next year I would have finished university altogether including presenting myself and my work in the final degree show and New Designers hopefully. Waiting for the formality of my graduation which should fall on around my boyfriend’s birthday, and I hope he will come down, he’s needing to come down or else I will kick his butt. Big time.

When I received my results for this year, I was a bit disappointed whole on myself because I didn’t get the dyslexia thing sorted it with my learning difficulties. Not only that I felt a certain tutor didn’t come across what he wanted, and kept changing little bits of each projects. I really felt let down with him as well, it was also his subjects let me down which shows with the scoring compared to the other tutor.

We live and we learn, and I guess now it’s time to buckle down to try and get a higher mark so I can get either a low 2:1 or a high 2:1 if I can use the system with the dyslexia support and other support surrounding me.

Alexandra Layla


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