Music I Have Been Loving This Summer.

Disclaimer, starting from tomorrow I will be doing a daily blogging challenge throughout the entire month of August to put myself on a challenge if I can schedule and revamp this blog ready for September, wish me luck!!!

Where half way through summer, and I love wearing my sunglasses, sitting in the sun with headphones in and maybe I should tell you what I have been listening to thus far into summer, and you just it out really.

  1. Who Is Fancy – Boys like you ft Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande
  2. China Anne McClain – What’s My Name
  3. Rhianna – S&M (Remix) ft Britney Spears
  4. Ariana Grande – Into You
  5. Twin Forks – Back To You
  6. Karmina – All The Kings Horses
  7. Yws Gwynedd – Sebonia Fi
  8. Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For ft Rhianna
  9. Skillet – Stars
  10. Francesca Battistelli – Giants Fall

I am so sorry about the last one because it is a Christian gospel song, and I have been loving it ever since I heard it. Even though I shouldn’t be sorry about my taste of music but I am sorry if I cause any offence. Maybe I should do a blog about mine and my relationship with Christianity one day maybe?


Univeristy Summer List

Transition from a second-year university student into the third-year student is still very overwhelming topic to think about but then again it needs to be thought about especially with the summer time to squeeze every opportunity of free time that you have until your back in academics for the last and final time (or one of the final times, considering doing my GCSE and doing a PGCE) so here is your check list.

  1. Get work experience in your chosen field.

I am currently doing this for my chosen field in graphic design and multimedia, and it is so important to do your experiences now rather than later when you graduate. Do it now whilst you’re in university, your future self with thank your past self.

  1. Start your dissertation now

You do not want to be stressing yourselves out silly buggers when it comes to two weeks before your deadline before its time to hand it in, I know some people who did it four days before hand. That stresses me out. Even if you did the reading for it and creating notes, your stopping your near future self-crying thinking that they should have done it ages ago.

  1. Get a wee job

Even though it’s a given, those student loans must stop at one point and you are in the real world. A job on the side can be your lifeline on savings for when you go to a different city when you get your first job in the industry. Everyone should have savings really, and they can really help even if the job is cleaning job.

  1. Sort out your open brief projects

This doesn’t apply unless your chosen subject requires you too, I know I see this a lot in creative subjects. Its choosing your open brief projects and finding competition briefs. Even though it’s a required for the summer maybe take in consideration what other projects you want to do in that chosen field or what you would like to try. Every little helps.


I have fears and its normal to have sometimes it could be a fear that someone else might find funny or it could be a fear that is serious and developed through a traumatic experience or maybe just maybe it could develop out of nothing.

Whilst my family is away in France along with my sibling’s part from one but she is out and about anyway so it’s just me and my little dog. Loneliness is a fear of mine, a big fear. I am always surrounded by people whether it is in the house, going somewhere, at university, at my boyfriend’s house or even on the bus. I am constantly around people, and I like to talk. I talk like every second of the day, seriously, I sleep talk and yes, it is normal. So to put me in a very social setting into a setting that there’s no one is around, I get scared.

The next one is my reaction being in the dark, and you wouldn’t think of it when its winter coming off the bus at 6pm to then walking a mile till I get home its going to be dark. The actual reality is I am walking this mile/hills twice as fast with my phone as a flashlight until I reach the house because of no street lamps. My bedroom is covered in night lights so I am not frightened if I wake up suddenly. When S (boyfriend) turns off the lights in the living room, I rush straight to the bedroom before he turns them off. The dark is a big nope.

Do you have any fears? Share them below in the comments.

Countdown to Gradution

Personally, I cannot remember the time when I was a decent size eighteen and I bet it was round the time when I was in high school where I was constantly active until I was in a depressive state when I was with my ex and ate my body weight in chocolate, chicken mayo sandwiches and biscuits. Moved up to Scotland lost two stone and currently with my partner who I met through a leading weight loss programme, and through my step mum as he is the son of her best friend.

Then university started and needless too say university can be stressful. Very stressful and now its coming towards the stressful times of final year in September through I don’t want to eat my stress away because of a ceremony at the end of third and final year which is also known as graduation.

I have been teasing of this segment that I want to do on this blog for ages even though I am not ready to post my weight just yet hence why I will be posting “weight loss Wednesday” the last Wednesday of every month starting from September until October/November 2018 so I’m dropping a countdown in lbs for graduation class for 2018.

Wish me luck you beautiful lot!

Alexandra Layla

Long distance and Finance.

Being in a long distance can be blissful, and full of laughter at times however on other sides of things it could be very hard. One of the aspects that is challenging in a long-distance relationship is finance, and finance can be a huge struggle in every day to day relationship anyway.

When you have no money, no job and have a long-distance relationship, and wanting to see each other money is a huge factor.

So how do you battle it?


Try not to think of the worst, be honest with your partner about your financial situation and them doing the same to you. Then if you’re on government support they will help with your CV and cover letter when you go to the job centre, or your career centre in university.


I am lucky enough to go to university with a large sum of money at the beginning of each term, and this is where you prioritise should come into play. Instead of buying that beautiful Grace ship bag that you are drooling over for years (this one, might ask it for Christmas or money towards it at least) I put the money towards train tickets. In 3 months in advance, not only its cheaper by the percentages of what you saved. If you do run out of money, you’re in the state of mind that its done and you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t buy tickets last minute, you pay full price and then your spending more. In my case I would rather spend £125 worth of 3 months of train tickets rather than spending £175 on the day for a return.

Unsure about flights but I am sure the Bummyldrcouple will do a blog about that.

If you’re in the UK as well, time to invest in a railcard.  I have a 16-25 railcard which saves 30% off, and go through top cash back so you get money back.


Next step is applying and apply to jobs that you may not particularly enjoy. At the end of the day it is money, and that money will go to seeing your partner or nicer things that you might want to invest in.

Lastly once you get the job, budget. Loose change in a jar etc.

Budgeting is so important. Work out what your needing that month, loose change in a jar which can go towards your train tickets or something for you and your partner to do.

Do you have any tips on financial view point of being in a long distance relationship. Comment would love to read your thoughts.

Period Dramas

I am MAJOR, let me say again MAJOR fan of period dramas. I love the period costumes, the story and the written script. I loved the Tudors again I am a huge history nerd, I love to read history books.

Now, I have watched The White Queen which is based on the cousin’s war (war of the roses) then a recent period drama series from Starz entertainment called the white princess based on Henry Tudor (king henry the 7th) and Queen Elizabeth of York, and that was good but way to quick for my taste. If doing a period drama about the love and loyalty of those two, you need to ease into it, there is a lot to cover. Watched the Tudors with Johnathon Rhys Meyers and meh, that was interesting enough and it covered a lot more than The Other Boleyn Girl based on the Philippa Gregory book.

Then again, the White Queen, The White Princess and The Other Boleyn Girl are all based on the Philippa Gregory books which I do take with the pinch of salt but this is about period dramas and the one I just finished and still wounded by. Reign,

Reign is based on Mary Queen of Scots, about her time in France and the feud against Elizabeth the first but it wasn’t that big of feud as its made out to be but when I finished the series it was a build-up that never happened. I expected more about Mary’s house arrest, and the plot against the Elizabeth at the final moments of her life. Then again, the CW only gave them a limited amount of funds and cancelled the whole thing which is just tragic.

The actress who plays Mary Adelaide Kane was fantastic in the role and represented Mary very well since she herself, meaning Mary was very tall at 6ft tall, long raven hair and very slender but the last scene did my heading a bit.

I do recommend you watching all the series that I have told you about especially Reign which your heads will be in the history books afterwards.

5 P’s

Finally, the summer is here it is amazing, until you realize that you live in Wales that is always wet, windy and grey. We even get a sun burn when its grey, oh our welsh delicate skin. It’s the same in Scotland to be fair when I visit my partner but the Scottish get some hints of sunlight the lucky buggers.

Though what does the summer have to offer other than not finding a job hopefully by when this goes up I should have one by then, hopefully but we’ll find out.

The transition from passing second year into the third year I think the space of the summer should be filled with work experience or doing your research for your dissertation and maybe heck getting the start of the 5,000-word count (sorry guys that’s how much I must write). So, when you either finish university or when you go back you don’t have a huge stress of doing all that.

As an art student in Graphic design you must create or find briefs to do for your third year is which what I am currently doing for 3 projects so I can just get feedback and get back to it asap. I do not want to be at all stressed at all this year.

Hmm, what else can you do Alexandra? I know! Do some blog posts for the summer, and get some ready for the autumn. Lets actually hack spreading my time equal amount of time for once in my life.

In the Navy, we have this saying (military brat) if you like swearing its 7 p’s if you don’t it’s 5 either way I am going to do the none swearing side of things. It is :

perfect, planning, prevents, poor, performance.

The day I got A 2:2

Now, I have finished the second year of university meaning I am a year away from finishing education forever (well not saying forever since I want to do my GCSEs to one day do a PGCE in either in primary or secondary education but we shall see) it’s exciting to think about I will be finished this time next year. This time next year I would have finished university altogether including presenting myself and my work in the final degree show and New Designers hopefully. Waiting for the formality of my graduation which should fall on around my boyfriend’s birthday, and I hope he will come down, he’s needing to come down or else I will kick his butt. Big time.

When I received my results for this year, I was a bit disappointed whole on myself because I didn’t get the dyslexia thing sorted it with my learning difficulties. Not only that I felt a certain tutor didn’t come across what he wanted, and kept changing little bits of each projects. I really felt let down with him as well, it was also his subjects let me down which shows with the scoring compared to the other tutor.

We live and we learn, and I guess now it’s time to buckle down to try and get a higher mark so I can get either a low 2:1 or a high 2:1 if I can use the system with the dyslexia support and other support surrounding me.

Alexandra Layla