Long time, no speak.

Hey beautiful creatures,

So this is very strange writing a blog post again but I am happy to tell you all 24 followers that I, Alexandra will be having a laptop very soon. Hopefully less than a month,  It has been since October since I had a laptop so again it would have been that long since I blogged however I do post on Instagram specified to this blog if you so wish to follow me.

So what do I need to tell you all?

I am in the last periods of months to my second of university, closer to my third year and even closer to the finishing line to even graduating which is a mixture of relief and scariness.  It means I’m even closer to move to Glasgow, Scotland. I’m closer to having my dream job in printing and publishing and I may even leave university with a 2:1 degree. I hope.  I don’t know yet but there could or could not be a trip to Disney World. My boyfriend and I still need to talk about it but it’s still really looking forward to it.  Over the summer  I will be going up to Scotland to have a practise run with my boyfriend on how we live with each other which is strange to think about due to the fact that we are long distance it will be  a blessing that we will be in the same apartment.

Then I am with weight watchers in order to become healthier and drop a few dress sizes as well because with university it’s hard to keep track of weight and you’re eating habits to a point where not only I have ballooned but I have also slacked. I am planning to go to find another gym since I got fat shamed at a popular 24 hour gym. I don’t want to lose weight where I am going to hate myself as I run things jiggle, people giggles  and people can’t keep comments to themselves really.

I guess that is it for now, hopefully you all are having a wonderful day.

Love and Wishes,