I’m feelin’ 22!

Hey beautiful creatures!

Guess what? I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22. That’s right, my birthday has been and gone, and I am another year older.

When it comes too adding on a year to the date of birth of yourself sometimes you feel less like you, and you’re another year older which is depressing but got to look at the bright side of life. Right?

My birthday celebrations began on Thursday the 26th of January where my lovely, lovely boyfriend came down from Scotland to Wales, and we were going to have a nosy around my university town till shock horror at 5pm or around that time his car Rosie (who is still in our bad books) went into limp mode because of her turbo, and her not getting out to do journey’s that are longer than an hour. He went onto the service station to wait for the RAC, at this point it was a waiting game to see if he was still able to come down or not.

Well, he did! Friday came along, the actual day of my birthday and we were going to go to my little home Village in mid-wales, and show him where I grew up but again Rosie was not up to the task so we went back home and baked with each other then he went away to look at cars.

On Saturday my mother kindly gave us her car since he was fully comped and over the age of 25 so she would be able to drive the car, a ok! So we did go to the home village where I grew up, shown him my grandparent’s grave, their bungalow and chapel which were full of memories and love. Sadly King’s Arthurs Labryinth still had winter hours. Though few villagers recognised who I was and said hello. For lunch we went to Dolgellau’s Tea room to have sandwiches and honey buns! Yum yum!

The Saturday evening was the party and if you ever on the A55 have a meal at the all you can eat Indian and Chinese restaurant called the Amotola. My best friends were there and we scoffed ourselves silly! Luckily we still had room for cake! Luckily, I need to exaggerate how full we were.

Sunday came, and it was time for the boyfriend to go. Since Rosie wasn’t up to travel him back home in His cover was a towing policy thingy, so he was towed all the way back up to Scotland.

It’s only two weeks till I get to see him again but I cannot wait to see him again.

I truly felt like a lucky girl this birthday.

Loads and Loads of Love,




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