Goals per month – February 2017

Hey beautiful creatures!
Guess what time for the goals per month and I don’t know what exactly what I want to do for this month but it’s going to be one of those goals where it’s all little goals to make one huge big goal in the end. Do you understand where I’m coming from? Hopefully you do.

  • Loose about 2.5lbs per week

If you had read weight loss Wednesday you’ll know that I’m doing weight watchers to not only be healthy but to gain the extra confidence that I’ve lost which sucks, big time. Though I started in the 2nd week of January and from January to July if I loose 2.5lbs per week by the time July comes along I would loose 4 stone and some number of pounds.

Okay I’m doing it to vanity reasons along with the confidence thing. If you want the whole blog about this let me know and I can whip it up.

  •  Get creative in the kitchen.

I want to be amazing in the kitchen where people don’t have to worry about it I sliced a finger into the stew and dumplings.

That was a joke but touch wood.
Though it comes with confidence in the kitchen with a little guidance and add things into the recipe that will either lead people to the bathroom with food poisoning or wanting to eat more of it.

  • Book a couple of lessons in the car and shift step-dads butt in gear (haha, you get it?)  to fix Cecelia !

I haven’t been on a proper lesson for awhile but before I passed my theory I had no desire to have a car until late November where something in my boyfriends personal life happened and I couldn’t be there in a moments notice. I can’t relay on trains forever (until my late 20s cause of my rail card).

Cecelia is my step dads,mine and my sisters car ( Citroen C4 and an 06 plate) and this girly needs a new turbo. So need to kick my step dads butt to fix her turbo.

  •  De clutter that make up collection!

I have too much make up and they need to go!!

I think that’s it! But I love you all very much!


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