2017 Resolutions

Hello you beautiful creatures,

2016 is over and a new year of 2017 has whooshed in with a bright and new year. I have a feeling that this year is going to be magical in some way, I don’t know what way but I have a sense with optimism that this year will be good.

I will be given you my 2017 resolutions, goals and what I want happening to me in 2017.


  • Be healthier – I will admit that I have been not in full form after the birth control incident and I have gained a lot of weight from it.
  • BE more confident – self-explanatory that really.
  • To be driving in march 2017.
  • To only impress myself.
  • To do a reading challenge on this blog.
  • Get better at cooking.
  • Be more consistent on Plus You.


  • To be able to drive up to Scotland for the first time ever.
  • To be doing daily blogging challenges depending on the month.
  • At least 2 posts per week.

What do I want happening to me?

It’s easier for me to say that I want to lose weight, I want to be more confident and so on but I want this year to be a good challenging vibe to me. I want to get the best grade that I could get in university. To have a good relationship with my family and my boyfriend’s family, to get to know them. To be able to cook different recipes without panicking or without anyone putting me down joking about food poisoning.

And I guess that’s It to say, however I will do monthly goals as I have done on and off throughout 2016 but I want to be more consistent with it.

Loads of love,




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