Dear Winter – Remembering Loved ones

Dear Winter,

It’s a time of year where you remember loved ones that are around but also the people who are not around that would be either dead or alive. 

This year it’ll be the first year that I’m away from family this Christmas and spending it with my boyfriends loved ones. Who I love dearly but I’m still feeling rather homesick. We have a tradition that my mum carried forward with my nana Julie giving her children pyjamas for Christmas Eve for the pictures the next morning. 

When I was younger my granddad george told a story of my nana Joan when they first got married. How they couldn’t afford even a normal sized Christmas tree but granddad george brought home a tree and my nana Joan made that tree looking beautiful with all the love she had. Over the years the had this beautiful snow village that I used to play with on the fireplace (it was never lit, the fireplace). 

In 2010 my friend passed without a warning, taut Christmas was hard because a couple of days after my nana Joan had cancer which I found out over Facebook of all places because my granddad didn’t know how to private message. Though I remembered the Christmas spirt and persevered.

Remembering loved ones mean they don’t have to be in the other room / sleeping / dead it maybe that person can’t make it to Christmas but, but, you’ll still remember them. You’ll call them to make sure they’re alright this Christmas. To hear their voice on Christmas, and to smile once you hear them. 

The holidays are about remembering for me. I’ll remember family, and call them who are still around today. Remember those who aren’t but still have a special place in your heart. 

So; have a wonderful Christmas this year or hannakah or what ever holiday you celebrate this year. 

Loads of love, 




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