Dear Winter – The previous weeks

Dear Winter,

I can feel the air getting chillier by the day, and the Christmas is filling the atmosphere.

However, I want to talk about the previous weeks leading up to Christmas since it’s only next week, and only two weeks till 2016 is officially over and it is the beginning of a New Year which is ever so exciting.

It was S birthday in the beginning of November and we had a little party with his close family friends and family. Officially he’s a quarter of a century now, and he is handsome as ever. His mother decorates the best cakes in town and added his favourite sweets.

Passing my assessments at university and getting feedback on how to make my projects better than they already are, and a blonde moment with forgetting one project that is currently on going but seeing my classmates work really helped on what they would like to see. Which I am currently working on.

The decorating of the tree was quite emotional for me this year than all the previous years but I guess it was the reminder of my nana Joan but I will save that story for another Dear Winter post.

I adored the past month, but Winter is still on going.


Alexandra xxx

p.s if you could stop raining for a moment, that will be amazing.


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