Monthly Goals – November

Hey you beautiful creatures,

Boy oh boy this year is going fast, and I would like to get off this train now. Please?… no? okay. Anyway, as you know I haven’t posted anything in October and I feel bad for it. I am my second year of university now and its starting to get to on that I only have 1 year left until I graduate as a graphic designer without the student but I am preparing loads of future blog posts, and preparing art and video projects too.

So, onto the monthly goals.

  1. To finally get help sorted at university.
    I started to put help in place at university last year when I was a fresher and because of my course was so ever intense for me I couldn’t be finished with it, and you would think I would go to my tutors saying “I need to get help, I cannot do this.” And basically, I didn’t, instead I struggled most of the week. However, I know I need help, I know that I need that extra support to get the mark that I deserve.


  1. Give up Pop.
    Either you’re American, or living somewhere else in the UK its fizzy drinks. I want to get rid of pop/fizzy drinks basically and find something else that it’ll give me a boost if I need it.


  1. Keep to the three-day upload schedule.
    I want to keep to the three-day schedule which is a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which if I am preparing future blog posts I can do it surely. Right?


  1. Don’t take criticism to heart.
    As an artist or anyone, we take criticism to heart and take it very personally when we should be taking that criticism on board and improve ourselves and improve our work.


I think that’s it, and obviously, there will be a goal review at the end of it. Thank you very much for reading!

Loads of love,

Alexandra Layla


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