Dear Winter – Welcome back.

Dear winter,

Hello, my friend. I have missed you. It’s been a year since I felt the cold breeze on my bare skin. The cold wind blowing against my hair. I do not mind the cold, in fact, I have missed the cold. I have missed the rain, the long nights and the nights when I have hot chocolate in my hands and drinking the warm liquid sip by sip. I will be enjoying the gift of an hour in bed this weekend.

Even though I love the other seasons I have missed you the most. I am glad you’re back.

Speak to you soon,

Alexandra Layla


October Fail.

Hey beautiful creatures,

Not going to sugar coat it or anything but I did a huge Blogging fail. I failed the whole of October where I didn’t post anything throughout of the whole of the month part from my book review.

When I started this blog I wanted to post three days a week and it is the same with the other blog that I own but we’ll see what will happen really.  Especially now it is coming to winter, and I love winter. Literally out of all the seasons, winter is my favourite where I am most productive out of all the seasons too.

Hopefully, November will be one of the more thrilling month to my blog(s), and I am making it my goal.

Loads and loads of love,

Alexandra Layla


Book Review: Diet Doodle Diary by Julie Macky

Hello beautiful creatures,

I have a book review today, and this book is a type of book you can interact with like colouring books but I wanted to say this book did really help me but I will explain why more on the next Wednesday blog post.

When I was quite into losing weight before university tracking really helped so I know what I put in my mouth and you feel responsible on what you put into your body really, and it helped because you’re not only tracking but your cautious what you put in your mouth too.

While you’re writing what you put in your mouth and recording your exercise but you have several of activities to do in the book full of inspirational quotes for encouragement really which is some people struggle with the most is not having that emotional and encouragement of doing that weightless journey is what I am struggling with at the moment.

So that is it really, and if you’re going through a weight loss journey please do not hesitate by getting this. If it’s helping me, it’ll help you.

See you soon over the moon,

Alexandra Layla