Monthly Goals: September 2016

Hey beautiful creatures,

I decided to bring back the monthly goals back again since the last one was in April time, so I am re-starting it once more. I hope you don’t mind at all but fingers cross I will be able to complete them really.

  1. I did say that I was working on a secret; so I may as well burst out with it because keeping it secret did not work because I failed it twice already. I am currently learning to drive and part of learning to drive in the United Kingdom is to do two tests, A Theory test and a practical test. You must do a theory test before you do the practical. I have failed my theory test twice now, and it is doing my heading because I want to be on the road quite quickly because the early nights are coming along with the wind and rain. So my goal is to do my theory test ASAP, the closet booking date and then possibly doing a very intense driving course which is very expensive but I’m thinking it will be worth it.

    Goal: Theory test pass.

  2. I might be completely nuts but I am thinking of doing a British Heart Foundation 26 mile marathon thing which thinking of it will be a piece of cake and actually doing it I would actually want a piece of cake instead of running so we’ll see what happens then.

    Goal: British Heart Foundation 26 miles.

  3. I need to de-clutter more and more ideally I would like just my books, clothes, craft supplies and my computer in my room so I’ll be cleaning and carrying on de-cluttering.

    Goal: Declutter and eBay stuff

  4. I have been really slacking when it comes to this blog and the other blog I have been really slacking with it, and I’m sure you all will agree with that one too.

    Goal: Stop slacking more posts

That’s it my lovely, I hope you enjoy my monthly goals and I shall tell you how I got on in October time but with the British Heart foundation I shall tell you weekly how I get on.

Loads of love,




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