BHF 26.2 Miles Lowdown:

Hello beautiful creatures,

I will be running 26.2 miles throughout the whole of September. I don’t what the heck am I doing other than shit, I will be doing this.

Before I started University I was volunteering with the British Heart Foundation 5 days a week since I had a two-day sort of job as a childminder and I needed to fill the rest of the week somehow. I needed to learn skills in a workplace, I got till trained and I made friends with the BHF lot along with the managers there. I was really close to them.

There have been heart diseases in my family but it was more of heart attacks within the family, my granddad George was the death related to heart attacks that shook me the most.

I am not going to lie to you, I am plus sized. I am not healthy, I try to be I totally try to be. Hence why that I am doing this. I am one of the lucky ones that my heart works perfectly normal, same with my boyfriends, my parents, my step-parents, his family and I want to do this run for people whose heart might need a little help just like one of my friends who has a machine in her heart.

So if you would like to you could tweet me giving me encouragement or you could sponsor me on how much you can give click here to do that. Here’s also a video of where the donations will go. 


Thank you so so much.

Loads of love,



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