Hey beautiful creature,

Guess it’s that time of year that everything is needing to go out so new stuff can come in. basically, I want a whole new life of being organised and to do that I am being ruthless. Ruthless by getting clothes that I no longer wear or can no longer fit in to go in the eBay pile to sell then make up I don’t wear because of charity shops/homeless shelters that accept make-up because of hygienic reasons which is fair enough.

My mother is the most ruthless woman when it comes to sorting and organising stuff. Today she helped me to get rid of clothes not only I don’t fit in especially clothes where I used to be a size 30-32 UK and then clothes I haven’t worn in 6 months and we just been ruthless. Most of my old clothes are on eBay now waiting for bidders to bid so I have money for the next thing I am going to talk about. (The next paragraph!)

With the money I have earned/saved, I will be getting she shed. Basically my own studio so we can take out the stuff I have in studio area into a shed that’s my own space and office type of thing, which will be amazing and I will show you the plans on that on this blog and my Inguiem Puella blog. If you didn’t know I also write an art blog which is crucial for my university career so they know what I am up too over the summer (which I still need to update, oops) otherwise that’s it.

Currently, I am still updating my eBay to sell stuff, and yeah.

Loads of love,



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