The Lost Princess Chapter 1 Tester.

Hello everyone,

Before I begin this is extremely embarrassing to release to the world, however, I hope you do enjoy this.

When I was 14 I had this world of my own, and I used to write it whenever I could so this began to become an ongoing project. It began as Fishtails then it went to Fish Tails part 1 out of 3, The story of Cassandra Glasswork until now. It is now known to me as The Lost Princess.

So I decide to show you guys the first Chapter of this 7-year-old book that was my own little world.

So I’ll say see you later alligator now since I will not be able to later because this is going to be a very long post.

Love ya,



The Lost Princess – 4th Draft – Chapter one.

Going up to Scotland over Christmas to spend time with the family was not the problem, what was the problem is travelling up and all she could think of is how much she wanted to throw up on the train. Cassandra Aquamarine Glasswork does not do the travelling. She had always had this plan on what to do when she got on the train up to Glasgow she would put her large suitcase in the section of the carriage where the luggage went, then she  finds and takes her seat, and next it was the headphones in and sleep for four hours on the train. That however never happens and certainly not now. She felt quite sorry for herself actually. She leaned against the window to get some cold onto her face to get the temperature down. Every time she closed her eyes and tried to sleep, she couldn’t she actually felt even sicker then. Opening her tired eyes again she decided to sit up and go into her nude tote handbag. Cassandra just got this nude tote bag from a sale down in Covent gardens and handbags in own London shops is even more expensive than a brand designed handbag but even then she didn’t care. She had eyed up this handbag for months on their website but she knew she was going to have It even if was still in the three figures on sale. Along with the handbag, she even decided to by the whole range around the tote handbag including the purse, makeup bag, passport holder and not forgetting the iPhone and iPad case to match everything up together perfectly. The handbag is designed to be a carryon bag for aeroplane travel which Cassandra will be doing when she heads back down to London. To be fair if she would ask her aunt, uncle, and brother for this collection for Christmas she knew that she would get it. The truth of the matter is that she wasn’t really patient when it came to fashion and things. Her hand went into her bag getting out the heavy makeup bag to get out the make-up she had on to re-touch what was on her face. She always went for the makeup that everyone is recommended rather than trying out stuff for herself.  Some maybe drugstore make-up or ridiculously high-end price make up. Now, do not be fooled that Cassandra has a huge amount of money, in which she doesn’t but however she does get quite a good wage packet from work and another separate bank card for her student loan since she didn’t want to mix the two up. All student do that, and some banks offer a really good bank account with no interest on the bank card and an exclusive offer, with the bank she is with gave her a four year railcard. In which she will miss after her university course has ended. Perks of being a student weighed over the cons really.

Once her make was done and over with she placed it ever so gently back into the nude leather handbag trying not make any scratches on the cover and got out her phone to text her brother but before she did.

Hello this is your train manager Lisa heart speaking” what kind of a name was Lisa Heart she wondered however she carried on listening the announcement. “We will be arriving in Glasgow Central station in over 20 minutes.” Her stomach turned with excitement that she will be getting away from this damn train very shortly she went back to her phone rapidly texting her older sibling with a huge grin on her face.

Hey Bro, good news you won’t be standing
out in the cold for much longer!
20 minutes tops! Promise! Xxx

When Alan read this on his phone he couldn’t be more overjoyed, the thing about central station is that was no closure or heat going around unless you went into the coffee shops in Glasgow central station but Alan really didn’t like crowds even going into Glasgow to go to university was a daily task but since this was his last day of university before Christmas he thought it would be a wonderful idea to travel back to the highlands with his sister. Out of the Glasswork children he still lived at home with his aunt and uncle. The both didn’t mind, it meant that the house was still lively when he wasn’t at his computer and his aunt had been looking forward to Christmas break since she would both have her niece and nephew in her home together safe and sound. Auntie Guinevere is a type of woman that she loves to entertain people as much as she can and she detested having a quiet house when a home that she and her husband Nicklaus has should be filled with love and laughter. Alan typed away whilst still looking up at the huge billboard with all the trains’ departure time since he wanted to be there for his sister when she alights from the train. With the course that Cassandra was on she is never home, but Alan imagines that Cassandra calls London home now rather than a big house in acres and acres of fields where no one is around. London is busy and where Auntie Guinevere and Uncle Nicklaus lived you wouldn’t even know a zombie apocalypse was happening in the city if they were to have one. If that did happen Alan was well equipped anyway.  Alan felt another buzz in his grey hoodie pocket. His hand slipped out the phone using the thumb recognition on who it would be but he did have a gut feeling on who it would be anyway.

This is extremely awkward for me to text but read it please. I don’t feel as if our last date we were getting anywhere with anything so I am going to break ties on trying to pursue this romantic side of us but I hope we can still be friends. Sorry! Hope you can forgive me.

Alan heavily sighed, he thought this girl would be the one for him since the both had the same things in common and even in the same degree but she is a year below him. They had all together 5 dates and he really did thought that this is it and will be showing her to his family this Christmas and had invited her to a Christmas party his auntie always pulled off on Christmas eve. Anna, the girl, loved anime, books and quite intelligent too.

Hey, that was awkward but no harm done.  Merry Christmas.

He replied quickly and went back into his work for his clients. Alan degree meant that he could earn money on the side of his student loan and job creating websites and software for small business for a small price but he did do an hourly rate. Alan studied software design in computes which doesn’t sound very exciting but he loved everything about computers. He actually met Anna through tutoring her through the summer and trying to get her a decent passing mark to go into her third year for university while he was on his third year. Shown her what she is expected to do, basically Anna would have had a huge advantage on her course and the next year too. Needless to say he was quite bummed out from that fact that he couldn’t get a girlfriend once more.

Cassandra raised a brow why she didn’t get a text back from her brother but decided to shrug it off as she took her nude tote bag and placed it on her shoulders getting ready to alight from the train as Lisa heart announced that the train was moments away from the station and excitement took over her. Still trying not to get marks on her lovely new bag she took her oversized and over packed suitcase. Her aunt convinced her to start packing to come back up to Scotland just in case that she can’t get a job down in London through her degree In which she was studying History and Religion, and the amount of jobs going for that was slim so she decided to take up a langue course to help her to give her that advantage if she wanted to get a job as a museum curator.  Though she doubted herself and her intelligence that she might not get that job down In London however she could get a small admin job and upgrade from the retail job that she has selling clothes and listening to strangers about their own lives when she blanks them out wanting the shift to be done. She was amazed to hear that her brother gotten a job relating to his degree which was not common to hear. When the suitcase hit the floor she felt her handbag dragging down with it and automatically thinking no, no, no, please god know. I brought this for £350 and that’s not including the contents. Luckily the bag hand an escape as Cassandra fell down with the trembling suitcase, No way she was going to let that bag get ruined. However she did have quite a few looks form an elderly couple and a few other people behind them, and all she could do is wave them off.
“I fell over heels for you…” Cassandra looked at the elderly woman’s sensible black shoes compared to her black high heels which didn’t help the fall. “Over you shoes…” she giggled nervously. “You know what, I’m going to go now.” She stood up, straightened herself out walking to the train’s door, she felt the train stop and a halt. Cassandra could see the platform, she pressed the green open button and felt as if she could strut the catwalk. She looked all the round the platform but she couldn’t see her older brother Alan anywhere that made her walk faster and go past the barriers. Once she looked to her left she found her brother Alan hunched over a MacBook typing away with head phones in his ears bobbing his head to what she presumed was music. Quickly again, and she could hear her heels clicking on the marbled floors walking towards Alan. Alan’s physic and her aunt always said it, he had broad shoulders but his legs look good in a kilt which she always laughed at. Plus they both looked similar with their dark hair and greyish green eyes however from that fact that his stubble always grew too quickly once he shaved it off.
“Ahem.” Cassandra coughed but he wasn’t paying attention instead he looked at the codes in front of him. “Ahem!” she rolled her eyes once she said it. She bent over in front of him with a raised eyebrows once more, and Alan paid attention to this. He took off his headphones with a raised brow.
“How the heck did you get here?” he asked her “your train wasn’t meant to get here” he looked down on his MacBook to see the time “15 minutes ago, oh Jesus. I’m sorry Cassie!” he apologized.
“My head was in-“
“You MacBook, funny it’s not in a book anyone guess we have officially involved in the 21st century with technology.  However all could be forgiven if you took my suitcase for me.” She fluttered her eyelids at him as if she was 5 again.
“You over packed it again didn’t you?” Alan put everything in his school bag with a hearty laugh. “Fine but you’re going to have to hurry with me, the car is a mile away in a multi-story and it’s raining.” Alan put his backpack over his two shoulders with a smile showing his pearly whites.
“Raining?!” Cassandra rolled her eyes. “But I have an open handbag which doesn’t have a zip and-“Alan stared at her shaking his head. “Okay were walking but I don’t see why we don’t take the subway?” she pointed behind her with her thumbs. She did have a point Alan thought and this pink and baby blue suitcase was really heavy.  He should have trusted with his instinct with that Cassandra will and always till the end of time that her suitcase will be over packed but the horrible part of it that the multi-story wasn’t near the subway.
“Get your umbrella out because this will be fun.”  Alan winked as he walked with her suitcase.

The beautiful thing about Glasgow during Christmas time is that every shop, every corner and every person always had the Christmas spirit within them. Kissing under the mistletoe or going to George square and have a blast going ice skating, in fact everything is so romantic at Christmas time sometimes even more romantic than Valentine’s Day almost.  Another cheesy thing about Christmas is that each shop has a wonderful Christmas display and cheesy Christmas songs playing over and over again through the speakers. If it snowed that would be the Christmas spirit brighten everything but sadly they can’t hope that because the roads will be a pain in the butt.

Cassandra and Alan was soaked to the bone when they gotten to his car, so automatically Alan but the heating on as he paid for his ticket for the parking, and the down side about Glasgow is that the parking was overpriced for a full day in Glasgow like Alan it was over £20 and even then he was shaking his head paying for the ticket then going back to his car when Cassandra put her long dark hair into a perfect messy bun that all women try to achieve. Alan started his car again, pulled down the handbrake once he got it into gear then headed off to the city roads which soon to be a duel carriage way and Cassandra once more is DJ of the car skipping tracks until she got the track that she wanted through the car speakers.  Cassandra’s travel sickness didn’t affect her in the slightest way since she was in the front seat of Alan’s car and she had a window, air conditioning and that in the car.

“Happy to be back in Scotland then sis?” Alan looked over at her then back onto the road with no cars in sight building up speed so they could be home faster.
“I suppose so.” She crossed her arms looking at the road with him. “Least there was no horrible fuck ups this time.” Almost every time that she went up to Scotland there was always a fuck up either that would be the plane has been delayed or cancelled or that the train has come to a stop due to weather. “You know I love London more though Alan, it’s just my preference.” She admitted.
“But you need to realise that our Auntie and uncle can’t come to London every time you need them though Cassie, their getting old-“
“They’re in there 50’s Alan there not 60!” she argued with him, and Alan put up his hand to her.
“I am not arguing with you Cassie. I am saying you should come up more often most of the time I see that you’re getting pissed over the weekend looking legless on social media profiles, do you know how dangerous that would be for your future job prospects?” Alan had a serious tone with her and all Cassandra could do was roll her eyes at him since she heard this conversation over and over again since she started university.

Alan previously went to another university before the one he is currently in and things didn’t go down so well. He went to a west English university and he just struggled down south, and he let his heart ruled his mind. Fact of the matter he went down south with an ex-girlfriend to the same university thinking that his life was planned out perfectly. Got the dream blonde shell Naomi with a stunning body who is going to study fashion and him the software designer, finish university, get married straight away and have his happily little family with her. However they gotten a house for themselves, brought everything for the house and built up from there. He had a job stocking shelves at a supermarket whilst she worked for a body and cosmetic shop down the road. They argued over bills and money almost every night until one night as he gave her a cup of tea the way she liked it two sugars and milk and she came up with the heart breaking statement: you’re the reason why I am depressed. Alan can still remember how her lips moved as Naomi said that and everything seemed too collapsed straight afterwards, another horrific night happened between them both. He came home after a bad day at work and he heard creaking. He intended to investigate in which he wished he hadn’t. Soon as he opened their bedroom door his heart dropped to his stomach with Naomi and another guy tangled in the sheets and all he could do is shake his head and screamed. He kicked Naomi that night and she updated her social media saying she was single and it wasn’t a week later she announced she was in a relationship with another guy, the same guy he found in their bed. Alan did the adult thing spoke to his advisor wishing to transfer back home, and wanting to be with his Aunt and Uncle during this difficult time. He gave Naomi and this new guy to the rights of the contract of this house and left the town with no word from his lips. Naomi didn’t last long with this new guy since he was a dad and wanted freedom that she craved.  Alan now decided at the age of 23 that he was ready and wanting a new deep felt relationship whilst his sister Cassandra enjoyed going out every Friday night and not enjoyed the next morning wondering where she could be. Alan wanted a woman that wanted the same thing as he did, a family and a strong bond between them both, and he thought he found it with Anna. He took it on the chin by saying that Anna was a replica of Naomi just not in the same degree.

He drove his 2.0 engine on a country road leading to a country home that was painted white and had ivy coming down to the ground. He always told his aunt and uncle to sell the country house or turn it into a B&B but they decided to laugh at his silly remark and shrugged. It had been in the family for ages they kept telling their niece and nephew and no way there were going to let strangers stay in it let alone let someone else keep it.

Auntie G stood underneath the doorway with a hot chocolate in her hands seeing her nephew car coming towards the house. She stood underneath the doorway for a good half hour timing how long it’ll take them from Glasgow to their house (which is usually an hour and a half drive) but the smile on her face couldn’t be replaced by anything in the world. She wanted this day to come so badly. Unfortunately Auntie G and Uncle Nicklaus never had a chance to have their own children so when her sister passed away and without hesitation she took the children as her own. Taught Cassie to walk, poop and hold a spoon in the kitchen whilst Nicklaus helped Alan with his homework, how to ride a bike in the acres of land. They had picnics in the summer outside overlooking the lakes and mountains.  Nicklaus stood beside his wife with another two hot chocolate as he walked towards the blue ford focus boot giving Alan his hot chocolate. Then went to the passenger’s side giving his niece a large warm cuddle and a hot chocolate before he went to the boot to take out the large over packed suitcase out.
“Jesus, did you pack the kitchen sink as well?” Nicklaus said shaking his head and using his own strength to get it in the house the both followed till the hallway till Auntie G screeched and cuddled the two.
“I have my nest full again!” Auntie Guinevere cried and wrapped her arms around her tall nephew and her niece, and both of the siblings looking at each other very uncomfortable once Guinevere had her arms around a person it would be best to say the prayer now rather than later because she does squeeze instead of a nice warm cuddle. Once she let go she clapped her hands again and announced that she made their favourite since they were babies. Spaghetti Bolognese. Alan belly rumbled he hadn’t had anything to eat since 6 this morning and he was straight into the house, and Nicklaus shook his head locking his nephew’s car.
“You had to mention food didn’t you?” Uncle Nick asked and his wife shrugged with a smile leading Cassandra into the house with a smile on her face.

Garlic bread and melted parmesan is what the dining room smelled of. Instead of using the posh dining room table in the middle of the house they sat on the four chair table in the kitchen. Their idea of family home cooked meals never meant sitting down on the sofa binge watching the next T.V show to Auntie Guinevere it meant that everyone gathered round at the table to talk about their day. Nicklaus told the family of four about his apprentice at work not knowing how to make custard slices, and owning a bakery that is a need to know. Next it was the delivery of eggs, flour and milk was late, yet again for the fourth week running and that he had to send the apprentice down to the supermarket with £50 to get enough till Thursday morning, Christmas Eve, and thinking that he would switch suppliers in the New Year. Auntie Guinevere turns next to talk about her day she doesn’t work she say instead she is doing what she loves every day seven days a week helping people delivering babies, and sometimes she is on call but when she works for the maternity hospital in Glasgow she tends to stay there over night, and because of her work, she is widely known in the west Scotland region for the best midwife. When she found out that she couldn’t have any children some years ago, she decided to put her maternity instincts to the test and gotten a degree in midwifery with a one-year-old and a five-year-old going to school which is an achievement in itself. She helped a woman give birth to a two beautiful twin girls, and a bouncing boy. Helped a woman quit smoking for her pregnancy and gone to Dumbarton to see women and see how their aftercare is spent. For a nurse, that is what she needs to do. Alan’s day is indeed typical he tells his family. Work, Class and work on a website, and that what he tells them every night without fail. Cassandra just talked about the train ride and how sick she was feeling, and that in itself.
“Oh and before I forget, it was last minute. Promise.” Auntie Guinevere took her napkin to wipe down the sauce of the meal around her lips. “Annette, Johnathon and believe it or not Layla is coming over tomorrow night! Isn’t that exciting? We haven’t seen little Layla for so long!” she grinned like a Cheshire cat. “And they’re staying till New Year!” Auntie Guinevere clapped her hands in excitement. “Darling would you help me to put the dishes into the dishwasher for me?” she asked Nicklaus as she stood up with an empty plate getting Cassandras and Alan’s. “Oh your room is still where it is, I just gave it a makeover.” G smiled.  The two walked upstairs to the landing and Cassandra seen how much her aunt decorated the house, this must have been all the mood boards online. It was clean ivory colour with fresh flowers on an oak bench and picture frames with embarrassing pictures of family holidays and cheesy birthdays they had in this house.

“I mean, we haven’t heard of Layla since we were kids. Why does she want to see us now?” Cassandra asked her brother walking towards her room.
“I know, but you know how Annette is like with Layla.” Alan went to his bedroom door. “We don’t know what she looks like now Cass, she doesn’t even have social media.” He entered his bedroom with his school bag on his back and before he closed the door he turned on the light.  He actually looked? Cassandra thought with a shake of a head either way she tried too. She tried to find Layla and Annette however there was nothing. Only birthday, Christmas and the off occasions cards and calls from Annette. Cassandra went to her bedroom and what used to be a sea green room with wonderful posters has now went into a cream room with accents of blue on the décor. She never questioned her aunt’s style, she guessed her aunt wanted her to be more grown up with her room, and everything else. Once she looked at the bed, without getting changed she enjoyed the mattress and went to sleep.


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