Hey beautiful creature,

Guess it’s that time of year that everything is needing to go out so new stuff can come in. basically, I want a whole new life of being organised and to do that I am being ruthless. Ruthless by getting clothes that I no longer wear or can no longer fit in to go in the eBay pile to sell then make up I don’t wear because of charity shops/homeless shelters that accept make-up because of hygienic reasons which is fair enough.

My mother is the most ruthless woman when it comes to sorting and organising stuff. Today she helped me to get rid of clothes not only I don’t fit in especially clothes where I used to be a size 30-32 UK and then clothes I haven’t worn in 6 months and we just been ruthless. Most of my old clothes are on eBay now waiting for bidders to bid so I have money for the next thing I am going to talk about. (The next paragraph!)

With the money I have earned/saved, I will be getting she shed. Basically my own studio so we can take out the stuff I have in studio area into a shed that’s my own space and office type of thing, which will be amazing and I will show you the plans on that on this blog and my Inguiem Puella blog. If you didn’t know I also write an art blog which is crucial for my university career so they know what I am up too over the summer (which I still need to update, oops) otherwise that’s it.

Currently, I am still updating my eBay to sell stuff, and yeah.

Loads of love,



The Lost Princess Chapter 1 Tester.

Hello everyone,

Before I begin this is extremely embarrassing to release to the world, however, I hope you do enjoy this.

When I was 14 I had this world of my own, and I used to write it whenever I could so this began to become an ongoing project. It began as Fishtails then it went to Fish Tails part 1 out of 3, The story of Cassandra Glasswork until now. It is now known to me as The Lost Princess.

So I decide to show you guys the first Chapter of this 7-year-old book that was my own little world.

So I’ll say see you later alligator now since I will not be able to later because this is going to be a very long post.

Love ya,



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What I wanted to be as a child/teenager.

Hey witches and wizards,

I am sure that when you are younger I can guarantee when your parents/grandparents asked what do you want to be when you’re older? You would reply with a career such as a doctor or an astronaut. In my case, it was a sailor guardian (you know from Sailor moon) or go to Hogwarts and come to a witch. My parents said to reply “You could be whoever you want to be.”

Now I remember wanting to be a historian after my love of history. I got that from my dad since he brought me history books about the Egyptians, the Tudors (from Elizabeth Woodville and King Henry 7th, the cousins’ war to the death of Elizabeth 1st), Oliver Cromwell, the Victorian ages and the two world wars. I found it fascinating and when I was older I learnt about the Native Americans since my grandfather loved them, and he swore our lineage was from a Native American tribe, I remember him saying that at the age of seven or eight.  When actually my last name could be traced down to 1066 and we also have a crest of a swan and a griffin, the fun fact there. While my boyfriend has a cute hedgehog.

Back onto track now, then I remember loving to mentor and teach my siblings about plants, flowers, art and of course history at 13. In the United Kingdom, you 13 is a crucial age on what you wanted to do career wise and what you wanted to do in GCSE (for those who doesn’t understand is a GCSE click this link). I wanted to become a teacher/mentor at that point.  For my first round of my GCSE, I have chosen Religious Education, Art and History hoping to go forward into my A-levels (again here’s the link to that). Sadly, my mum moved me to another school. The history and art classes were full I had to choose other two classes and had to pick another career path which to a 14-year-old seemed like the end of the world. So in the new school, I chose Religious education, Information Technology (which I was surprisingly good at!) and… the dreaded business studies, bleh.  So I then wanted to a be a florist and wanting to own a café and flower shop.

With my florist stage, I did three work experience (and the other I never told anyone about). I did one in a florist store which leads me to my first job of being a Saturday girl at the age 15, so just imagine a 15-year-old girl earning and earning enough to get her first eyeshadow palette, sure it was cheap but I loved it. The other is being a waitress for a local café in a welsh town that I lived in, and my goodness it was so hard but I cannot believe that I did that. I was so proud of myself. Then I word for my nana’s business before she closed it down.

Which lead me doing floristry in college at 16. I was travelling 2 hours there and back, waking up ever so early, and walking in the dark to the train station. I did that for two years.

At 18 I went back into art, which leads me on this path that I love being on.

The moral of the story? It’s okay to change your mind, and it is fine to take time on what you are wanting to do.

Loads of Love,