Outfit of the day – Graduation Party (29/06/2016)

Hey guys and dolls,

It’s rare that I can dress up and go to a formal event and I will be going to my boyfriend’s graduation party. He’ll be graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University in Software Engineer and Development with a first honours degree. I cannot be any more proud of him, and he’s doing so much at the moment with getting a new place with his best friend and working for a company in his home town.

However, I want to show you my outfit that I will be wearing for the party. I personally wanted to be girly and sweet which is my style anyway but I don’t really show off that style. I am usually in jeans, a vest top and a cardigan.

I had my eye on this dress for ages. It’s a little mistress dress which that’s my other favourite brand other than Scarlett and Jo dresses, and I was about to wear one of their 2 in 1 dress which has a jersey material for a top and a pattern skirt but it was black and I didn’t want to be a sweaty mess or a heated mess. Then it was between this dress and a dress from Sprinkle of Glitter range, but that was me to a T but it was full of rose patterns and finding court shoes that was a size 10 was not easy but back to the story.

This dress I had my eye on for ages but stupidly I missed the sale and it was gone forever on Evans, I had to search for a backup and I found it. It was on Evans £64.00 then on sale it was £48.00 and on EBay where I found it, I got it for £20.80 including postage and rightly so mum wanted to see the price drop of this dress. Obviously this dress was screaming “I am yours, just get me woman!”

Then the next problem was finding something to cover my arms without losing the embroidery of the dress which I accessorized with a grey pashmina scarf from eBay again.

The most expensive about this whole outfit would be the shoes, it was either getting the shoes from Evans or Yours Clothing. I was looking at these wedges from Yours clothing but they looked really high and usually I am a tiny bit shorter than my boyfriend and found heels were a perfect height from Evans. I am not a master at wearing heels so I am also taking ballet shoes.

I personally managed to get these flip flops in my clutch bag which is a miracle including my phone, bank card and rail card which is in this paper chase thing, my lip colour that I am wearing and compeed plasters. You never know.

For accessories I have dangly sliver earrings and a chunky bracelet since I don’t want to take the eye from the sliver embroidery of the dress.

I did struggle on what I wanted for the hair but I went for a simple hair style which I had to take my curlers with me and my sisters backcomb. She shown me how to do this first and I kind of copied.

The makeup I looked at many YouTube tutorials for a natural look and ended up with this one.

So there is my outfit, this outfit made me feel confident and girly which is what I wanted.

Thank you for the love and support as always my loves,

I love you loads and I shall see you soon over the moon,

Alexandra. xxx