I look as beautiful then and I look beautiful now.

Hey guys and dolls,

I want this blog to be about body positivity, body acceptance, self-love and self-worth. That is my main goal objective for this goal.

I watched the Kendall Rae’s video about before and after pictures and I do agree it shows how will you’re going with you weight loss journey and how you see your body changing.

However, agreeing with the lovely Kendall Rae again that it is the captions that bothers me so much about them. If you read my other post about you need to love you self before you change yourself (link here) because I found it personally difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle when I am hating myself. That is just personal preference.

When I gain weight especially gaining 12 lbs when it came to binge eating after stressing with university work, I still loved myself while I was piling on the weight, why shouldn’t I love myself now going through that journey and having a positive mind about losing weight?

When it comes to the captions, I really want to pull my hair at them and just shake my head at them really. Again it was all about hating themselves and with someone that has body image issues, it is a bit disheartening and with someone like myself wanting to care about other people and go You look lovely whatever your size is but however some people don’t want to hear a thing like that. Again for others who has body image issues and has an eating disorder it is going to make that person not wanting to love themselves.

I find myself beautiful now, beautiful then and I will beautiful even more in the future.

Loads of love, and I shall see you soon,




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