Before you change yourself you need to love yourself.

Hey guys and dolls,

This is going to sound like a weird title but I learnt this the hard way but I am going to share some wisdom towards you all.

Before you change yourself you need to love yourself.

When I first started to lose weight, I hated myself. I hated my flappy bingo wings, I hated the spare tyre on my stomach, and I hated my humongous thighs that I have. I hated my skin too how it was always spotty and oily and so disgustingly gross. Then I started and I kept failing loosing 1lbs, and I didn’t know why and I always found myself in the bottom of the cookie jar or bottom of the crisp barrel. Then the whole cycle repeated itself. I am not proud to admit that but it’s the truth.

Now when I started to love myself, that’s when I knew I needed to look after my body rather than hating it and wanting to go down a dress size. I needed to love myself. To give my body the right nourishment it needed like calcium and fibre, being in the sun rather than being inside all the time hence why I invested in a fitbit (for a £10, mwhahaha) so I can get walking and lastly, and I am still learning this, is to sleep more. I find it very hard to turn off.

To give my body a break when there’s an emotional stress going on but also to give my body what it needs.

When I started to love myself again, I found changes within myself, and yes going down a dress size is a bonus but it starts with loving yourself and then changing (or tweaking) your lifestyle.

Loads of love, and I shall see you soon over the moon,




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