New schedule uploads/ what happened to The LDR Couple?

Hey guys and dolls,

I thought I would mention that I do have a schedule uploads on this blog now and I want to do it every Tuesday and every Wednesday. I thought you would like to know.

Now onto the negative thing and then back to the good thing.

I had to delete The LDR Couple hence why I have been away for a while and most of my followers are from that blog. I don’t want them to feel abandoned but I had to delete it due to people that I won’t mention (I don’t like mentioning people names), and they mentioned it to my boyfriend and he felt very in the middle with the comments they had to say. So I messaged the HHLDR and said that I am deleting the blog because of all the feedback that my boyfriend had this would be the easiest way to keep everyone happy.   So that’s what happened to that.

Now onto another good thing, my friend Jade (who is ultimately is a very dear and best friend of mine) has started her own blog and we shall be calibrating over the summer too which I am super stoked for! Soon as I have a blog address from her, I can post it to you guys really.

Thank you guys for reading.

I love you loads, see you soon over the moon.




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