What I want to do after university.

Hey guys and dolls,

Before any questions are raised my boyfriend and I are not engaged but I want to explain why/or what am I wanting to do after university.

Before I went to university to study illustration  I know that I wanted to be in the wedding industry and the saddest bit about that is people have accused me in the past that all I want to do is get engaged and plan my own wedding and called me childish which is not the case.

I love wedding shows, the wedding fashion show, wedding fayres and wedding magazines so I am quite knowledgeable about the whole wedding industry, a close friend of mine, Aimee, she could be engaged before the year is out and already she is asking questions about how to set up a wedding ceremony and reception and she is coming towards me for advice. I’m not even married myself or even close to be engaged.

However now transferring to graphic design and communication I had to ask tutors round the college about my future prospects and I know I want to be either in the wedding industry for definite but now what is going through my mind is that what sector of a wedding industry that I want to be part of.

I already love blogging and hopefully, one day vlogging again. I am now more leaning towards the magazine sector and I have many examples of how it should be laid out. The hottest trends in each season.

Even before university I have done weddings when I was a florist for table decorations and button holes and corsages while my boss did the bridal party which is fine. I needed more creativity in my life.

So ideally I would like to be a graphic designer for a bridal magazine is the short answer.

Loads of love,




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