I look as beautiful then and I look beautiful now.

Hey guys and dolls,

I want this blog to be about body positivity, body acceptance, self-love and self-worth. That is my main goal objective for this goal.

I watched the Kendall Rae’s video about before and after pictures and I do agree it shows how will you’re going with you weight loss journey and how you see your body changing.

However, agreeing with the lovely Kendall Rae again that it is the captions that bothers me so much about them. If you read my other post about you need to love you self before you change yourself (link here) because I found it personally difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle when I am hating myself. That is just personal preference.

When I gain weight especially gaining 12 lbs when it came to binge eating after stressing with university work, I still loved myself while I was piling on the weight, why shouldn’t I love myself now going through that journey and having a positive mind about losing weight?

When it comes to the captions, I really want to pull my hair at them and just shake my head at them really. Again it was all about hating themselves and with someone that has body image issues, it is a bit disheartening and with someone like myself wanting to care about other people and go You look lovely whatever your size is but however some people don’t want to hear a thing like that. Again for others who has body image issues and has an eating disorder it is going to make that person not wanting to love themselves.

I find myself beautiful now, beautiful then and I will beautiful even more in the future.

Loads of love, and I shall see you soon,




Before you change yourself you need to love yourself.

Hey guys and dolls,

This is going to sound like a weird title but I learnt this the hard way but I am going to share some wisdom towards you all.

Before you change yourself you need to love yourself.

When I first started to lose weight, I hated myself. I hated my flappy bingo wings, I hated the spare tyre on my stomach, and I hated my humongous thighs that I have. I hated my skin too how it was always spotty and oily and so disgustingly gross. Then I started and I kept failing loosing 1lbs, and I didn’t know why and I always found myself in the bottom of the cookie jar or bottom of the crisp barrel. Then the whole cycle repeated itself. I am not proud to admit that but it’s the truth.

Now when I started to love myself, that’s when I knew I needed to look after my body rather than hating it and wanting to go down a dress size. I needed to love myself. To give my body the right nourishment it needed like calcium and fibre, being in the sun rather than being inside all the time hence why I invested in a fitbit (for a £10, mwhahaha) so I can get walking and lastly, and I am still learning this, is to sleep more. I find it very hard to turn off.

To give my body a break when there’s an emotional stress going on but also to give my body what it needs.

When I started to love myself again, I found changes within myself, and yes going down a dress size is a bonus but it starts with loving yourself and then changing (or tweaking) your lifestyle.

Loads of love, and I shall see you soon over the moon,



New schedule uploads/ what happened to The LDR Couple?

Hey guys and dolls,

I thought I would mention that I do have a schedule uploads on this blog now and I want to do it every Tuesday and every Wednesday. I thought you would like to know.

Now onto the negative thing and then back to the good thing.

I had to delete The LDR Couple hence why I have been away for a while and most of my followers are from that blog. I don’t want them to feel abandoned but I had to delete it due to people that I won’t mention (I don’t like mentioning people names), and they mentioned it to my boyfriend and he felt very in the middle with the comments they had to say. So I messaged the HHLDR and said that I am deleting the blog because of all the feedback that my boyfriend had this would be the easiest way to keep everyone happy.   So that’s what happened to that.

Now onto another good thing, my friend Jade (who is ultimately is a very dear and best friend of mine) has started her own blog and we shall be calibrating over the summer too which I am super stoked for! Soon as I have a blog address from her, I can post it to you guys really.

Thank you guys for reading.

I love you loads, see you soon over the moon.



What I want to do after university.

Hey guys and dolls,

Before any questions are raised my boyfriend and I are not engaged but I want to explain why/or what am I wanting to do after university.

Before I went to university to study illustration  I know that I wanted to be in the wedding industry and the saddest bit about that is people have accused me in the past that all I want to do is get engaged and plan my own wedding and called me childish which is not the case.

I love wedding shows, the wedding fashion show, wedding fayres and wedding magazines so I am quite knowledgeable about the whole wedding industry, a close friend of mine, Aimee, she could be engaged before the year is out and already she is asking questions about how to set up a wedding ceremony and reception and she is coming towards me for advice. I’m not even married myself or even close to be engaged.

However now transferring to graphic design and communication I had to ask tutors round the college about my future prospects and I know I want to be either in the wedding industry for definite but now what is going through my mind is that what sector of a wedding industry that I want to be part of.

I already love blogging and hopefully, one day vlogging again. I am now more leaning towards the magazine sector and I have many examples of how it should be laid out. The hottest trends in each season.

Even before university I have done weddings when I was a florist for table decorations and button holes and corsages while my boss did the bridal party which is fine. I needed more creativity in my life.

So ideally I would like to be a graphic designer for a bridal magazine is the short answer.

Loads of love,



Lush Haul

Hey guys and dolls,

I guess I am a bit of a lush freak but the idea of going in but I have one rule. I cannot spend over £25. That’s my max spend in Lush, especially if you’re a Lushie and wanting more and more of their products. If my sisters, mum or another family member that’s part of my life wants one they’ll be included within the £25.

Down to the good stuff.

When it comes to the products themselves I adore sweet fruity smells and what tickles my nose, and if I call my friend Jade or my university friends such as Aimee and Megan this time round and go “Oh my god this smells beautiful.” That’s when it goes to my basket. I also haven’t had a bath with these yet but I cannot wait to try them.

So we went to the Chester shop because that’s the nearest one unless we go to Liverpool. If I am up in Glasgow where my boyfriend lives I’ll go to the Glasgow one.

Blackberry Bath bomb.


This is one of the new purchases for me but one of the staff told me that this is a bath bomb that helps anxiety, depression and nervous tension because the ingredients include Bergamot which is used in aromatherapy. Plus it also includes frankincense oil as well. So induces a feeling of wellbeing.

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb


This is my all-time favourite when it comes to bath bombs from Lush. It makes the bath into a nice gold citrusy colour and it crackles and fizzes in the bath too. It has lemon sherbet (one of my favourite scents) and Jasmine.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb


Again another re-purchase and when this is dropped in the bath the bath water goes beautiful with all the colours. Basically, you have your own galaxy within your bath. It has glitter inside the bath bomb so it looks like you have your own constellations of stars. The scents included in this, I had to look it up because I totally forgotten, Cedar wood, hint of 80s aftershave and, peppermint and grape fruit oil.

Mmmelting marshmallow


This is an impulse buy, as you do by the counters and it smelled really sweet. I never tried a bath oil but for 2.00 you can’t really go wrong now can you? The oils include extra virgin coconut oil and almond oil. Then marigold powder, marshmallow powder, chamomile powder and I guess its moisturising as well since we have coco butter organics Shea butter.

Catastrophe cosmetics.

Adding this into the mix, and I know its cheating but I brought this when I went to Glasgow when I was last up there thinking that there isn’t any way that I am going be around lush anytime soon until Aimee and Megan in Chester on the 29th”and I said that I’m down. There was a chocolate one too but I didn’t like it as much as this one. The staff member was like this is best for oily skin (which I have) and I loved how soft my skin was after the taster too. I brought it straight away. The fruity sense of blueberries, talc, almond oil,  and chamomile blue oils too. I don’t have a picture for this one because I stupidly used this on pretty quickly. Do’h.

Charity Pot

Of course I do buy a charity pot which went bigger and for £3.00, I am not going to complain about that. I always buy a charity pot.

Thats it my loves, Sorry for the MIA recently. A lot has happened but I hope you enjoyed this post.

Loads of love,