Monthly goals review: April 2016

Hello guys and dolls,

April has flew by, it went, and it went bye-bye very quickly. Too quickly for my liking even if this month has been very tough and challenging for me. We had challenges in my family this month which made me not complete some of my goals this month due to these challenges.  I had assessments due in, I had briefs, I had family difficulty and not only that my boyfriend has been busy and I felt guilty if I put my worries on him which made me go back into my shell a little more.

Without any more dillydadling lets go with the flow and lets get on with review of my goals this month.

  1. Try go to the gym more.

My god. My god. I have found this gym in the outskirts of my university town, and I go with this girl called Alys (A welsh version of Alice). Found her on the university group  thing on Facebook and we hit it off until two weeks ago because my tutors put a little bit of stress on my shoulders which could have been avoided but we are adding more onto our excerise regime such as swimming this Sunday and going to this gym twice a week or more. For a bigger person I am so proud of myself.

  1. Try fruit smoothies for breakfast.

Alys lets me sip her smoothies but I want to do the smoothies that she does, but, this is going to sound very embarrassing but it needs to be said… I have no idea what Kale looks like. So instead I thought spinach would do, and it did. I had frozen fruit berries, banana and spinach that tasted okay but it isn’t like hers.

  1. Cook more at home.

I had no clue how much my mum would be over the kitchen, when ever I started she pushed me aside and went ‘I’ll do it’ but I managed to make pasta bake, and scouse (traditional Liverpudlian stew, and I am going to make S and his flatmate the dish…. Something is telling me they wouldn’t dare touch it) but I baked so much this month when mum was out which I loved. Baking I love doing.

  1. Do more ‘Open when letters…’

Done… haven’t sent it. If you want to see the full blog post : Here it is!

  1. Go to bed earlier.

I hated the clocks going forward a couple of days but once I got into it, I loved it. I love the early mornings (even though I love sleeping in) and lighter evenings. It got me into a schedule to sleep earlier.

  1. This one is a secret.

This was a big fat fail due to family circumstances so it has to be moved forward to next month. GREAT!

Go to the HHLDR to see what their monthly goals are. They updated theirs. Now I need to update mine!

See you soon, over the moon!




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