Monthly Goals: April 2016

Hello guys and dolls,

I cannot believe how fast this year is coming and going, and I am just amazed at it really. Everything is just going so fast. I just need to step back and slow down because everything is just seems to be passing by. Though now it is April, it is time to set goals for this month.

  1. Try go to the gym more.

I have now have a gym buddy and my new gym is behind my university, so this will be an ongoing thing as you can tell.

  1. Try fruit smoothies for breakfast.

Even though I am still on my holiday for Easter and waiting for university to start but when it does start I am usually out the house by 06:30 in the morning so when I wake up at 6am if I wanted more sleep I don’t have time for breakfast and I get very, very cranky Alexandra by 9am. So I need to try fruit smoothies.

  1. Cook more at home.

My mother usually cooks at home since I don’t get home till after 7pm at night. I love to cook. I want to cook but I know the people in the household doesn’t want to wait till I am home, too cook and have their dinner by 9pm at night. So I want to cook when I can.

  1. Do more ‘Open when letters…’

Before I started university I gave S a load of Open When Letters and I want to do more of them for him because I don’t know if I will get a transfer or if I have to stay down south till I finish university down here.

  1. Go to bed earlier.

The clocks moved one hour forward and I am finding myself even more tired. I need to change this body clock of mine.

  1. This one is a secret.

… And this one might or might not be completed. I hope so anyway.

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See you soon, over the moon!