Review on – March 2016 Goals.

A Look back: March Goals.

Hello guys and dolls,

Last month I set up some goals to be completed and I did do well but I didn’t do at the same time if you understand where I am coming from.

  1. Go to the gym for the first time ever. – and surprisingly I did do for like the first two weeks until University stress grabbed hold of me once more and I couldn’t go since I needed to work on artwork for assessment and finish work for the deadline. –Pass!
  2. Drink more water – My bladder is thanking me for this one and my wee, it’s not a horrible colour anymore and it doesn’t smell. A little too much information but it is so beneficial, you are recommended to drink 8 pints of water per day and I just couldn’t do that because it looked too much until I got a water bottle to help me to make that 8 pints to see smaller of a task than it actually is. – Pass!
  3. Dechox March – I was doing so well then Easter happened and S and I decided to create a chocolate egg nest cake and … I had to have a slice. – BIG FAT FAIL.
  4. Enjoy S and I first anniversary – In which I did do see the post here. – PASS
  5. Find a summer job in Glasgow for the summer – Not yet found one but I am sure there is one. – Not a pass or a fail.
  6. Go to bed earlier! – This I am going to give myself a fail for because of essay hand ins and assessment work really, however I will get better at this since it’s an ongoing thing. –Fail!

That’s it really folks and I am disappointed in myself when it came to the Dechox March for the BHF  because I was so hoping that I could do it again for the second year, but guess it is a no on that. Stick round for tomorrow to see April monthly goals!

See you soon, over the moon!




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