Ladies That Inspire Me (Part 3)

Hey guys and dolls,

This is the third and final segment of the Ladies That Inspire Me and this is going to be a tricky one because these women I don’t know personally, however, they are famous so for speaking. Some of these are from the internet. Let’s get to it.

Plus Size Women

Learning to be Fearless (YouTube Channel, Instagram):

Alexandra (not me, oh dear) is a plus size model and mac makeup artist. When I watch her videos and other YouTubers with the same principal as Alexandra I always feel I should be proud of my body no matter what but also to be the very best I can be.

Sprinkle of Glitter (YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook Page and Blog)

Sprinkle of Glitter is a very busy woman not only doing YouTube, her own clothing line plus being a mother can show women you can be busy, be a business woman and also being a mother as well which a modern woman wants to be and Sprinkle of Glitter opened a whole new world for me when it comes to plus size women too.

Fuller Figure Fuller bust (Instagram, Blog)

This woman taught me how to model as a plus size woman, and inspired me to do modelling really even if it was a tryout thing which I do want to do it again because I really did enjoy it to be honest with you.

Loeylane (YouTube, Instagram, Clothing Line)

Seeing a theme here? All these women are plus sized but same with all the YouTube and modelling, Loeylane has her own clothing line same with sprinkle of glitter. She has a bright and lovely personality just like a Disney princess.


Sarah Addison Allen

Sarah Addison Allen is an author that I read back in my teens, my first book being The Sugar Queen and I have always related by her characters more particularly Josey Carrini wanting a stash of sweets and paperback romances in her closet. Then Chloe too wanting a library and her own space but creating sandwiches for everyone.

Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments serious author and she was the main inspiration for something that I am creating at the moment. However she is a big inspiration for writing however personally I don’t like her very much but despite that her words that is written across the page inspire me greatly.

J.K Rowling

If I didn’t put her in this place I wouldn’t do myself any favours, she is an activist for charities and lost her billionaire title for donating to charities that she felt the most passionate about. She is also a founder of Lumos, a charity working to transform lives of disadvantage children.  She has numerous awards for her writing including the Hans Christian Andersen Literature award.

Fictional Characters

Hermione Granger

As a child I adored Hermione Granger and as I grew up with dyslexia I knew that I wasn’t going to be academic minded as she was but I know as I put as much thought and ideas I know I can be as brilliant as she is.

Usagi Tuskino

When Usaggi Fights evil as sailor moon in the beginning of the story, she is portrayed as a reluctant hero who is unwilling to fight and flees from her enemies and often had to be bailed out by Tuxedo mask but as the series and manga developed she turns into a mature, confident and reliable lady but she does has her cry baby moments.

Clary Fairchild

Clary is incredibly stubborn and sarcastic. However she is also a very caring and compassionate person. For her friends and family she will go to extreme lengths often putting herself in danger which isn’t advisable. Like I do she keeps a note pad and often draws her emotions through pictures her version of a dairy. Instead of words its pictures. Just like an artist.

I guess that’s it for this segment but on my art blog ingenium Puella on women in the art world that inspires me the most when it comes to my work so please follow me on there.

See you soon over the moon!




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