Ladies That Inspire Me (Part 2)

Hey guys and dolls,

Honestly, I totally have forgotten that it was international women’s day this week, and as a woman, I need to think of the women that inspire me as friends but honestly these women who I will be talking about is the women that will push me to be my best of what I could be.


Jade is one of those girls that you wish you could have as a big sister. She’s done everything that you might think of doing but she’ll be the one to put you back on track. Jade knows me thoroughly, she knows when I have a panic attack, she knows when I have had a rough day and she knows almost everything. I will pick her up, and she’ll pick up me. She is like my big sister.

Mammy H:

If you haven’t read theLDRcouple (please do) she is my boyfriend’s mother. I don’t want to compare her to my nana Joan but Mammy H is the most caring woman that you’ll ever meet. She will put her children in front of her own needs and she really does need recognition for that, even though that’s what mothers do but part form Nana Joan and my own Mammy, I don’t really see how much of mother gives up so much for her children. She needs more love, well I think she does. Think S got his best cuddling techniques from.


Moo is my boyfriend sister and currently down in south London studying and preparing herself to be a musical actress for the west end or any other musicals (psst, if you’re an agent reading this, seriously consider this girl) but what amazes me more is that she gave up holidays to go up to Scotland and to see her family for her to work hard to achieve her dream.


She’s a class mate in my degree and my goodness. When I was struggling to carry on this previous month and bits of this month too. She proved to me that I can do it, she gives me pep talks to help me carry on going. She doesn’t want to see people quit, and she speaks her mind and very outspoken. Aimee is also a Mormon and god does shine through her, and its clearly to see that.


I remember meeting Sykes on my very first day of secondary school, now I have been to two previous schools because I kept moving about. So I met Sykes in the third and last high school. I was a quiet and shy, still am to a certain extent. However she took me out of my shell and we pulled each other through hardship, cried, and laughed. I love her, and she is 21 next week on the 16th of March 2016. So happy early birthday sweetheart.


Believe it or not, she is older than me,  by a couple of years but she does think she’s 18. Vicki is the life and soul of the party, and it’s hard to imagine her being upset and down. Like Jade she is a big sister of a group and she will never let you down. If you make a promise she will keep it. Other than that, I had my first shot with  her and spat it back out at her, oops.

That concludes the 2nd segment of inspiring women to me, stick around for the third and final segment.

See you soon, over the moon!




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