Women That Inspire Me (Part 1)

I have to separate this in three different blog posts and I will do this every other day so I won’t bomb-barred you and not fill up all your feed.

As most of you know it was mother’s day in the UK on the 1st Sunday of each march, and I won’t be using the service of a florist again. However the Kids and I will be celebrating mother’s day next weekend because we just been too busy this weekend to even celebrate which I was a stressball about.

But I want to express on the women who inspire me the most but because theres so many women I have to spilt them to three. First being Relation, second being friends who are a sisterly and motherly figures to me and then third people who are ‘famous’ so to speak.

So here is the first instalment.

My mammy: My mammy has been through me step by step and other than family and S she is the only person who understands me fully and understands how to keep me calm. She gotten a degree by going through tragedy with no help suffering from homelessness, death, daughter being in hospital and lastly dealing with children under the age of 8 when my father left.

My step-mum: Even though she is my step mum I can speak to her with her not being judgemental and she helped me with my weight. She is my listening ear when I need to vent and vice versa. She is a little older than I am (she’s 40+3 but a mental age of 21, so she’s 21 okay?) she has a load more life experience than I do which I follow.

Nanny Bitch: No seriously, there is a funny story why I call her that and that will be a story time blog. Nanny Bitch is the most amazing nana but she acts as if she has been your best friend your entire life. Again like my step mum she has so much life experience that you shouldn’t follow. She gives the best advice that you can ever ask for, even when you don’t ask for it. However she is a crazy cat lady, which must be inherited.  She makes me laugh, and she taught me to not be judgemental no matter what.

Nanny Joan: Even though she had passed away, my nanny Joan is a woman that I have always wanted to be. I always wanted to be the most understanding and caring woman as she was. Who aspires people to follow their dreams and enjoys being around people and making people feel as if they are at home. She did have a few secrets but she taught me every woman should have a few secrets. She was the voice on my dad’s side of the family when anything went down Nanny joan would be the first one to know.

Great-Grandma Val: GGV is the person that wanted to have a huge family and taught her children, grandchildren and great-children to be extra creative with very little things. Wither that will be sequins, fabrics and other craft bits and bobs. I remember wanting to make a quilt and she helped me to understand which I am still struggling to do. She taught me to sew, she taught me to knit and she taught me how to make jam tarts.

I do love these ladies very dearly and they made me into the woman I am today. They need to be voiced a lot more. If you have any women in your family that you love and admire please do this sort of thing.

See you soon over the moon with my second instalment and other scheduled blogs.




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