Goals for March 2016


Hi Loves!

Thanks for my newly found friend the HHLDR (seriously check out there blog) and there segment of monthly goals. Plus having creative future week at my university what encourages to motivate ourselves. I decided to… I guess copy their idea but I hope I do it in a different way as well.

  1. Go to the gym for the first time ever.

I haven’t been to a proper serious gym and used it properly since I was in high school. Going to Curves and swimming gave me the confidence today to actually sign up for a gym membership. The lady was quite nice, and it’s the cheapest gym that I can find in my area. It was more spontaneous like, what’s the harm, and it’s beneficial to me.

  1. Drink more water.

I admit, I hate drinking water. I just don’t like it. I don’t like how there’s no taste but my friends gave me really good tips on how to flavour your water and I cannot wait to try it. If you want a blog post on that, I can.

  1. Dechox March.

In the UK we have a charity called the BHF (the British heart foundation) and I am very active with this charity. I volunteered for a large amount of time where Stuart lives, and I made friends. There is heart diseases in my family on both sides. Though this will be a tough month since its an Easter month, and I have to persuade my mum to either a.) Store the Easter eggs somewhere until I do my dechox month or b.) Put money into Euros for me. So who knows?

  1. Enjoy mine and Stuarts first Anniversary as a couple.

Says it on the tin really.

  1. Find a summer job in Glasgow for the summer.

Once more says it on the tin really.

  1. Go to bed earlier.

I am a bugger for this and I just like staying up and … night dreaming, I can’t call it day dreaming since it’s at night. Ah, it made sense in my bed.

That’s all I can think of that so far, but however, I will re-visit this at the end of March and see how well I have done. Plus do something I never done before which is post my weight and size on here which I am quite nervous about. Though I know you reading this will support me in whatever, but still it’s quite a big thing for me.

So that’s it!

See you soon over the moon!




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