The Geek/Nerd inside of me

Hey loves,

I guess I have always been a geek or a nerd, or just a person in general who just likes things. However it did started as early as the day I was born where my mother decided to name me after a Star Trek character. Lieutenant Worf son Alexander.

Then it gradually went on with my dad introduced me to star wars then my mother continued with the star trek, instead of Barbie’s I was playing star trek figurines from my Nanny’s house. That sort of age I got introduced to my first anime show which was Sailor moon. Reading the chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter series.

Things like this sort of died down I when I was a teenager thinking that being a chav was the thing at preteen but eventually thanks to friends I gotten back into books such as Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire, Vampire Beach by Alex Dauvl and of course House of Night by P.C and Kirsten Cast. So mostly young adult fiction. Got into my superheroes in Marvel and DC comics, got back into my anime, the TV series of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Got really excited for those.

Now, at 21 still reading mostly horror and fantasy books. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on my favourite books, I don’t know yet. I got into card games thanks to my lovely boyfriend and his best friend. I do really enjoy the mentality of them and how you need to be a step ahead of the other player. I read comics more now and wanting to read the manga of my favourite anime like pretty sailor solider sailor moon. Plus being in a university side of everything I am in a right place with the geeky nerdy thing. Plus binge watching TV series has now become an addiction.

I do want a nerdy family and a nerdy husband in the future. I would like that really with all those cute geeky baby grows, and canvases for the nursery. I want a sort of nerdy wedding as well. Though we shall see.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,

See you later alligator,




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